Published: 1998-02-01

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The Last Ditch (TLD) is the name of a radical libertarian journal of which Joe Sobran once commented, “If this government cared about ideas, it would crack down on The Last Ditch. It could be called The Joy of Thinking.” In that regard, TLD has recently published a number of very thoughtful articles having to do with revisionism. In the December 1997 issue, No. 19, TLD presented our own Richard Widmann’s thoughts on modem trends in book burning. Widmann’s article, “How Fahrenheit 451 trends threaten intellectual freedom,” was hitherto unavailable outside of CODOHWeb.

Widmann’s article addresses the extent to which modem day book burners will go to censor revisionist ideas. The article spans a wide range of revisionist persecution from the 1984 IHR firebombing, to Ernst Zündel’s 1995 fire, David Irving’s troubles with St. Martin’s press, and the 1996 burning of the revisionist anthology Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte. This issue of TLD also takes on the Anti-Defamation League’s “partnership” with America Online in yet another attempt to censor the Internet, and the recent Norman Finkelstein-Henry Holt affair. Surely this thoughtful journal is of interest to revisionists and free speech advocates world wide. Trial subscriptions are four issues for $17.00 from: WTM Enterprises, P.O. Box 224, Dept. AR, Roanoke, IN 46783-0224.

CODOH has once again broken the stereotypes in its attempt to spread the good word of revisionism. An anarcho-leftist publication, The Hoover Hog features no less than four major revisionist essays in its Fall/Winter 1997 issue (no. 2). This magazine, which is subtitled “Entertainment for the Discriminating Thought Criminal,” truly refuses to yield when it comes to dangerous ideas. Three of the four revisionist pieces are authored by CODOH associates including Bradley Smith’s classic, “The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate.” The current issue of the Hog also features an original piece by the staff entitled, “Who’s Afraid of the Holocaust Controversy.” This piece argues strongly for the case for ending the persecution of revisionists worldwide. After analyzing the works of leading revisionists and exterminationists, the author is able to proclaim, “So, as I see it, the smart money’s still on the Zyklon skeptics.” For those with four bucks, the Hoover Hog is a sure bet.

The Hoover Hog is $4 per issue and be obtained from: The Hoover Hog, PO Box 7511, Cross Lanes, West Virginia 25356-0511.

Although victims of yet another police raid, on January 7, the Foundation for Free Historical Research, or Vrij Historisch Onderzoek (VHO), has completed publication of their first year of what some are calling the world’s leading Holocaust revisionist journal, Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung (VffG). The December issue of VffG features a new German-language version of the Samuel Crowell article, “Technique and Operation of German Anti-Gas Shelters in World War II: A Refutation of J.C. Pressac’s ‘Criminal Traces.’” (For more on Crowell's article see SR 46). The article is beautifully presented with many photographs printed for the first time since WWII. The article also includes a number of pictures taken directly from CODOHWeb. The English language version of this article is available only through CODOHWeb.

Vrij Historisch Onderzoek may be reached at: PO Box 60, B-2600 Berchem 2, Belgium [now defunct; ed.]. VHO now also maintains a website at

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