The aim of this site is to promote intellectual freedom with regard to this one historical event called "Holocaust," which in turn will help advance the concept of intellectual freedom with regard to all historical events. We find it vulgar beyond belief that Americans would spend more than half a century condemning the "unique monstrosity" of the Germans when we have not yet learned to condemn our own, or to even recognize it.

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The CODOH Team

If you want an insight into the significance of our work on the university campus, read this 9,000-word publication by HILLEL, The Foundation for Campus Jewish Life. It’s titled: “Fighting Holocaust Denial in Campus Newspaper Advertisements: A Manual for Action.” Everything in this Hillel Manual is meant to teach Jewish students how to suppress, censor, and control debate about the Holocaust question. Above all else—Control! Hillel has an annual budget of $35-million (million!) dollars.

God Bless the Hillel Rabbis tells the story of how I felt about the behavior of Hillel rabbis well before they produced their censorship Manual condemning intellectual freedom. No line here between the Work and the Life.


Recent News

Dec. 10, 2014

Der Jahrhundertbetrug von Arthur R. Butz ist nach 38 Jahren endlich als aktualisierte und erweiterte Neuauflage in neuer Übersetzung erhältlich! Dieses Buch bietet einen fundierten Überblick zum Thema der Juden während des Zweiten Weltkrieges in Europa mit Schwergewicht auf Informationen, die den Alliierten seit langem über Auschwitz, einem strategisch wichtigen Standort der Petrochemie, bekannt waren.

Dec. 8, 2014

Another brand new, red hot documentary by Eric Hunt which debunks the “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms” propaganda coup staged by the Soviets in August 1944 when they occupied the Lublin-Majdanek camp. Back then Allied Holocaust propaganda took flight, and with this documentary it finds it nemesis. Watch it now and be thrilled!

Dec. 6, 2014

Castle Hill Publishers are proud to announce the publication of the first ever revisionist monograph on the Holocaust written by a British author. The world's largest book retailer Amazon says that this is the "#1 New Release" among new books on the History of the Holocaust: This new book shows that “witness statements” supporting the human gas chamber narrative clearly clash with the available scientific data. The author juxtaposes the commonly accepted ideas about a Nazi extermination policy toward the Jews with a wide array of mostly unchallenged, but usually unmentioned evidence pointing in a quite different direction, among them most notably German radio messages form the concentration camps intercepted and decrypted by the British…

Nov. 20, 2014

Noam Neusner worked for Turkey to spread denial of Armenian Holocaust, now works for Hillel to spread denial of the Nakba.

Nov. 12, 2014

In the November issue of Smith's Report you will find:
"Heretics, Sacralization, and Fear in the Heart of the Journalist," by Albert Richardson; "News and Notes," by Bradley R. Smith; "Orson Welles and the First Holocaust Movie: A Lasting Legacy," by Jett Rucker

Oct. 26, 2014

The bad guys are murdering women and children, again.

Oct. 5, 2014

In the October issue of Smith's Report you will find:
"The Case of Gregory Chelli," by Robert Faurisson; "John Stuart Mill Calls For Open Debate on The Holocaust," by Michael K. Smith; "What Is It With That Nazi Euthanasia?," by Jett Rucker; "British Publisher Simon Sheppard Arrested…, by Bradley R. Smith"; and more...

Sept. 22, 2014

Castle Hill Publishers are proud to announce the publication of Udo Walendy's classic work on the outbreak of World War II in a newly translated and slightly revised edition: "Who Started World War II?" To ask the question is already an heretical act to many. But in this 500 page book overwhelming evidence is presented proving that the answer isn't as simple as most people think it is. Sure, the Germans invaded Poland in September 1939, but then again, Polish militia forces had invaded defenseless Germany already in 1919. Ever since, Poland had been out to "get the Germans" on numerous occasions, and in the summer of 1939 the Germans simply wouldn't take it anymore...

Aug. 15, 2014

In this issue of Smith's Report you will find:

  • Fredrick Töben Reviews Republican Party Animal by David Cole
  • David Cole Calls It a Day with Bradley Smith. By David Cole, Bradley R. Smith and others
July 14, 2014

Featuring, among other things: “The Evil Muse of Bradley Smith,” “A Gathering of Galileos,” “Still No Laws in Italy against Holocaust ‘Denial’,” “Nazi Botched Gassings?” ...

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