Year: 2007

Acquittal for Germany

Freispruch für Deutschland: Ausländische Historiker und Publizisten widerlegen antideutsche Geschichtslügen (Acquittal for Germany: Foreign Historians and Journalists Refute Anti-German Lies about History), Robert L. Brock (publisher), Munich: FZ-Verlag, 1995. 160 pages. As the subtitle of this book informs us, Freispruch für Deutschland is concerned with writings of non-German historians and journalists who have argued against…

George Bush, War With Iran, and Holocaust Revisionism

President George W. BushThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NWWashington, D.C. 20500 September 25, 2007 Dear President Bush, In March 2006, you publicly admitted that concerns about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program derive largely from the threat it poses to Israel.[1] In your own words: “The threat from Iran is, of course, their stated objective to…

French Justice, Justice on its Back

Three new examples of how “Justice lies down in the conqueror’s bed” In the course of a discussion programme on the ARTE television channel last November, Robert Badinter lied outright in saying that in 1981 he had won a court ruling against me “for being a falsifier of history”. I therefore sued him for libel….

Who I am

Most of you will not recognize my name, but you may recognize my work. I have recently taken on the role of Webmaster for the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust's Website, actually not the entire Website, but rather the part known as the CODOH Revisionist Library. For some this is the “old” CODOH…

The Holocaust Ideology

What is meant by the term, “Holocaust ideology?” It encompasses these propositions. The Nazi government formulated a master plan to murder all the Jews of Europe. This master plan was primarily carried out with the use of homicidal gas chambers in six concentration camps in Poland, and with mobile gas vans on the Eastern Front….

The “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”

The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust, by Jeffrey Herf, Belknap Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2006, 416 pages. Introduction Dr. Jeffrey Herf, professor of history at the University of Maryland and a prominent student of German-Jewish issues, has written a very interesting book that examines anew the National Socialist “Final Solution…

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