Month: January 2018

Memorabilia: The Holocaust as Political Weapon against the Germans

Horst Mahler talks about the usage of the Holocaust not only as a historical event but as blackmailing weapon against the German People  and quite a brainwashing machine for the rest of the world. Horst (born 23 January 1936) was a left wing political activist. He founded the Red Army Faction, which undertook a number…

Telling Stories to Stay Alive: Rudolf Höss vs. Scheherazade

Carlo Mattogno and Rudolf Höss, Commandant in Auschwitz: Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions. English translation by Germar Rudolf. Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield, UK, Nov. 2017; trade paperback, 402 pages, 6″×9″, bibliography, index, ISBN: 9781591481911. After his capture on March 11, 1946 by British occupation troops, Rudolf Höss stayed alive for 401 days…

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