Author: Ditlieb Felderer

Ditlieb Felderer explains Auschwitz (2:04:01 Hrs)

Ditlieb Felderer, 46, first met Zündel in 1979. Both had an interest in what Felderer defined as the "extermination theory," the belief that during the Second World War, in Poland, millions of people had been exterminated in gas chambers. (18-4225).

Ditlieb Felderer How Accurate is Anne Franks Diary.

This five minute video talks about how much of the Anne Frank diary was actually written by her and how the other part was edited by a third party. Things like the handwriting vary on the dairy and also there some notes written by a ball point pen.

Ditlieb Felderer former JW his HoloHoax Tale

Ditlieb Felderer talks to Ernst Zündel of Samisdat productions in this (48 minute) video). Ditlieb Felderer is a Jehovah's Witness and a Swedish citizen. He has some Jewish ancestry. He began investigating the "Holocaust" as to the fates of Jehovah's witnesses and found in fact that instead of thousands of victims, that only about 203 were killed or died. 


The Ditlieb Felderer Revisionist Slide Show 1982 (2:19:38 Hrs)

The Ditlieb Felderer Revisionist Slide Show 1982. In this (2 hour and 19 minutes) video, Ernst Zundel (1939 - 2017), the President of Samisdat introduces Eric Thompson, an American research writer, and Ditlieb Felderer, an researcher based in Sweden. Felderer was born in Austria, and is part Jewish. He ended up in Sweden as a refugee, after the war. Ditleib was a Jevovah's Witness (JW) and was commissioned to research the fate of those inviduals of that religion, during the war. Ditleib found the the estimated 27,000 number of JW "victims" rapidly vanishing and found that only 203 JWs had died. A lot of these had been executed by the Germans for encouraging German troops to desert. Ditleib's findings got him excommunicated by the JW elders. Ditleib then went on to examine the camps in great detail, and found the stories of "mass gassings equally false. During this research, Ditleib amassed a collection of about 30,000 photographs. Here we can see pictures of Auschwitz, with its large kitchens, brothel, theatre, block 11, the "gas chamber/crematorium" with its fake chimney and fake "Zyclon B gas insertion" holes, hospitals (with X-Ray) equipment, SS Hospital, Commandant's home and much more instead.

Auschwitz Notebook

Throughout all these years, the Exterminationists have continued to peddle the claim that there was a definite attempt by National Socialist Germany to exterminate all Jews and so they proffer the “Gerstein Statement” in support of their theory which popularly has been dubbed the “Holocaust.” The “Gerstein Statement” was supposedly written by Kurt Gerstein, a…

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