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German Facebook Trap

German Patriotic Party Excludes Revisionists

German Politican Susanne Ulber has been excluded from her party for having "denied the holocaust" in a Facebook posting...

"Who Will Stop the Crazy Nazi Ham-Radio Operator?"

...cry the headlines of newspapers in Switzerland, because a farmer used his ham-radio transmitter to deny the "holocaust"...

Revisionist Flyers Spread Anonymously in Switzerland

A typewritten flyer contesting the orthodox Holocaust narrative has been distributed in a town in Switzerland, leading to criminal investigations against the unknown thought criminals...

German Patriotic Party Excludes Revisionists

Germany's patriotic opposition parties always face persecution because they are accused of trying to re-establish politics that Adolf the Unspeakable favored, too. To whitewash themselves, these "patriots" in turn persecute those in their own ranks exposing this pseudo-historical sham...

An update on Dr. Johannes Lerle

Gerhard Ittner reports the latest news on Dr. Johannes Lerle who is now being tried for the second time for Thought Crimes. 

A Dissident Speaking Out - Gerhard Ittner

Gerhard Ittner is interviewed on video by Alfred Schaefer on his persecution in Germany for expressing unorthodox views of the Holocaust.

Dresden Memorial Event 2017

About ten years ago we had memorial events in Dresden with ten thousand people taking part. Coming back from abroad and out of prison I found that had gone. So much of the activities we've had way back then had ceased.

German Facebook Provocation on Holocaust Results in Stiff Fine

18 More Months for Gerhard Ittner for Doubting the Indubitable

Important Decision by the Supreme Court of FRG

The Constitunional Court  in Germany has now determined the right of free speech in any case,  so if there are several possibilities to interpret a statement, the court is bound to assume the most beneficial one for the defandant.

German Facebook Provocation on Holocaust Results in Stiff Fine

Because a man in Germany felt upset during a Facebook exchange over the denial of deliberate murder of Palestinans by Israelis, he posted a satirical comment that, “after all these lies, I slowly get to doubt the truth of the Holocaust.” “It's all fake! All propaganda! Where is the evidence! Seen that way, the Jews…

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