9/11 and aftermath

The “biggest security disaster in U.S. history,” the attacks on September 11, 2001. They lead to a perpetual war “on terror” for perpetual peace – the kind of peace you can find in graveyards. And they were used by the Powers That Be to gradually abrogate civil liberties both within the U.S. and internationally.

Outlaw History #7

Dear Bradley: I just went on your web site and read newsletter no. 2 (9/29/04). I enjoyed it and it made some effective points, but it also raised in my mind the following caution: any discussion of “terrorism” is apt to get out of focus by sliding away from a clear definition of the word….

Outlaw History #8

Fallujah is a city of some 300,000 people. I hear via CNN that it is thought that about one third of the population is still in the city, or about 100,000 souls. It is estimated that the insurgents number maybe 3,000. The “insurgents” live and work among the people of Fallujah, ensuring that, as the…

The War on Iraq: Conceived in Israel

In a lengthy article in The American Conservative criticizing the rationale for the projected U.S. attack on Iraq, the veteran diplomatic historian Paul W. Schroeder noted (only in passing) “what is possibly the unacknowledged real reason and motive behind the policy-security for Israel.” If Israel's security were indeed the real American motive for war, Schroeder…

The Revisionist Method Applied to the History of World War III

The U.S. government considers itself in a state of worldwide war against what it calls international terrorism. It entered into war against Iraq because, according to them, Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction which threatened the United States. In support of this charge, the Americans have not, up to now, provided any real proof…

Cell Phone Experiments in Airliners

Since the topic discussed above [see the paper by Prof. Dewdney] seems to be of utmost importance, I decided to make my own experiments while traveling from Chicago, IL, to Burlington, VT, to a family anniversary of a friend. Phones Audiovox CDM 9000 with Verizon Wireless network. Nokia 8260 with Cingular Wireless network. Travel Data…

The Elephant(s) in the Room

Most of us understand that it is unwise to draw a connection between the Israeli/Palestinian tragedy, 9/11, Afghanistan, and the U.S. administration's war against Iraq. The common understanding is that to suggest such a connection publicly, and in many contexts privately, is to risk being condemned as an anti-Semite. This fear is perfectly well founded….

On The Brink of World War Three

The reason for most wars is massive economic tensions between competing nations or a huge economic crisis of a single nation that tries to solve it with violence to the outside. After all, war has to be financed, and without the support of big business and the big banks, no major war could ever be…

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