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The Holocaust

AnswerMan works to correct the historical record of the Holocaust in the light of a more complete collection of historical facts and a more objective attitude.

Neither Revisionist nor Fundamentalist, AnswerMan seeks to enlighten all with regard to this one infamous event in twentieth century history.

Truth, it has been said is the first casualty of war, and it was most certainly the first casualty of the Holocaust. The political atmosphere today is not calm at all. Objective attitudes are difficult to come by. In spite of this, AnswerMan speaks openly and honestly. Somebody has to, you know, because if you don't use freedom, you lose freedom.

AnswerMan knows almost all and will tell all he knows in response to selected questions about the Holocaust and its related history. Since his time is not as infinite as his store of information, not all questions can be answered. Following the guidelines listed below will give your request a better chance of being chosen.

  • One topic and one question only, please. There may be occasional exceptions, but don't count on it.
  • Combative or abusive messages will be deleted immediately. Be nice, or remain clueless.
  • You must provide a name and email address, but can indicate if you wish anonymous publication.
  • Due to time constraints, no notification of publication will be sent.

Recently it has been brought to our attention that some others have been attempting to claim credit for some of AnswerMan!'s remarkably trenchant historical judgments. Let's clear this up right now: the opinions expressed by AnswerMan! are his alone. They do not necessarily express the views of anyone else. On the other hand, if the reader is struck by a formulation striking in its cogency, lofty in its expression, and humane in its impulse, you may rest assured that it is an accurate representation of the revisionist spirit overall.

AnswerMan “debunkers” Edith Stein Gassing Claims

As SR readers will recall, AnswerMan is the persona of an active revisionist historian who shies from neither showmanship nor controversy (see SR 58). Here’s what college students visiting his page on CODOHWeb are reading regarding the recently canonized Jewish Carmelite, Edith Stein: Question: Press reports have made it seem as if Edith Stein’s recent…

Did the Concentration Camps Exist?

Dear AnswerMan, Were concentration camps during WWII really used in the way history portrays, did they really exist? John AnswerMan Replies: The concentration camps certainly did exist, by the hundreds! Prior to the war they were ordinary prisons that housed, in addition to ordinary criminals, a growing population of political prisoners and those identified as…

Did the Holocaust Exist?

Dear AnswerMan, Did the holocaust exist? Angela AnswerMan Replies: Of all the questions AnswerMan! gets, this is no doubt the most common, usually phrased as “Did the Holocaust happen?” or, in a more accusatory tone, “Are you trying to say that the Holocaust didn't happen?” Relax. The simplest answer to this question is that, of…

What happened to Europe’s Jews?

Dear AnswerMan, If the Jews of Europe were not exterminated during the Holocaust, I'd like to know what happened to the millions who once lived there. Pauline Friedman AnswerMan Replies: Because this question deals with a large subgroup within the much larger population of Europe during a major war, there is no simple single answer…


Dear AnswerMan, I have looked at other web sites and found articles about some groups that killed Jews by shooting them. Is this true, or is it just another lie from the holocaust lobby? Douglas Monroe AnswerMan Replies: The “some groups that killed Jews by shooting them” is probably either a reference to the Einsatzgruppen…

Gas Chambers at Dachau?

Dear AnswerMan, I understand that it is now conceded by the Promoters that there were no homicidal gas chambers at Dachau although that information hasn't made it to all concerned. John Cardinal O'Connor of New York has recently spoken about “seeing” the gas chambers at Dachau, I'm sorry to say. I expect that he is…

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