Some aspects of the Holocaust lore can only be understood, or at least approached in a clearer light, when one considers the psychological background of the people and the times involved. Wartime, with its disasters, propaganda efforts and widespread desperation and anxiety, is a breeding ground for rumors and exaggerations, propagated both through deliberate disinformation and common credulity. Add to this the group dynamics on all sides of this controversy: the warring enemies of yore, the perpetrators – whatever their deeds – the victims, and the postwar scholars, both revisionist and orthodox, all caught in their own psychological box.

Allied Massacres at Dachau at “Liberation” (1:21:00)

Allied massacres at Dachau at "liberation." Focal Point presents this video (one hour and 21 minutes) about the massacres of German prisoners at Dachau carried out by the US Army in 1945. After a short introduction by David Irving, Charles Provan, an American researcher gives a speech about the events when the US Army entered…

Holocaust Professorships as Stupas

A stupa is a Buddhist holy structure, many of which were erected in past centuries at the expense and for the greater glory of wealthy Buddhists seeking to secure for themselves a place that, in Western (non-Buddhist) parlance could be called “a place in Heaven.” The famous Plain of Bagan of Myanmar contains dozens of…

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