Holocaust Revisionism Is No Longer Merely a Heresy, a Calumny or a Lie—It’s a Threat!

A two-page story in the May 10 New Republic on revisionism and booksellers begins by lamenting that the Internet book selling giant,, not only offers Bradley Smith’s Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist but also carries a glowing, five-star review of the book on its Website. John Podhoretz, editor of the neo-con New York Post…

Bradley Smith’s “Campus Project” Generates Nationwide Publicity for Holocaust Revisionism

During the past year Bradley Smith – America’s most prominent revisionist activist, and a good friend of the Institute for Historical Review – has succeeded in generatingunprecedented nationwide publicity for Holocaust revisionism as part of his “Campus Project.” Defying a well-organized campaign of threats, intimidation and smears, he and his Committee for Open Debate on…

60 Minutes Takes Aim at Holocaust Revisionism

“60 Minutes,” America's single most widely viewed television program and by far the most influential public affairs program, devoted the lead segment of its March 20 broadcast to Holocaust revisionism.[1] In spite of its clearly hostile bias and deceitful omissions and distortions, this popular, primetime CBS News broadcast was a major media advance for historical…

Smith and Cole Appear on “Donahue” Show in Major Media Breakthrough for Revisionism

Video not playing? Download file instead. Watch the Phil Donahue Show of March 14, 1994, featuring Bradley Smith, David Cole and Michael Shermer(with comments by Mike Smith aka DenierBud) With an estimated eight to eleven million viewers, “Donahue” is one of America's most popular television talk shows. Thus, the recent appearance of revisionist activists Bradley…

Dramatic New Videotape Presentation Takes Aim at Key Holocaust Claims

The patch-work quilt that passes for establishment Holocaust history has grown so tattered that the tailors and seamstresses responsible for its condition are finding it ever more difficult to keep it in good repair. Now, a stunning new video written, produced and narrated by a young Jewish-American Revisionist named David Cole tears yet another gaping…

Holocaust Survivor Finds “Exterminated” Brother through Appearance with Revisionists on the Montel Williams Show

For fifty years, Holocaust survivors Ernest Hollander and his brother Alex thought that their older brother, Zoltan, had been executed by the Germans in 1944. And for half a century, Zoltan thought that both his two brothers had been killed by the Germans during the war. But thanks to Ernest Hollander's appearance with Revisionists Mark…

The Elephant(s) in the Room

Most of us understand that it is unwise to draw a connection between the Israeli/Palestinian tragedy, 9/11, Afghanistan, and the U.S. administration's war against Iraq. The common understanding is that to suggest such a connection publicly, and in many contexts privately, is to risk being condemned as an anti-Semite. This fear is perfectly well founded….

Phil Donahue Show

Your browser does not support the video tag. The Phil Donahue Show of March 14, 1994, featuring Bradley Smith, David Cole and Michael Shermer(with comments by Mike Smith aka DenierBud)

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