No. 4

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Volume Fourteen · Number Four · July/August 1994

Between 1980 and 2002, The Journal of Historical Review was published by the Institute for Historical Review. It used to be the publishing flagship of the revisionist community, but it ceased to exist in 2002 for a number of reasons, mismanagement and lack of dedication being some of them. CODOH mirrors the old papers that were published in that journal.

Reflections of an American World War II Veteran on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion

Charles E. Weber earned his Ph.D. in German literature at the University of Cincinnati (1954), and has taught at the University of Cincinnati, the University of Missouri, Louisiana State University, and the University of Tulsa (Oklahoma). He has served as Head of the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Tulsa. Dr. Weber (no…

From the Editor

Ten years ago – on the Fourth of July 1984 – unknown terrorists firebombed our office-warehouse complex in an attempt to destroy the Institute for Historical Review and forever silence The Journal of Historical Review. These criminals nearly succeeded. (For more about this, see The Zionist Terror Network, a 20-page booklet available from the IHR.)…

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