No. 213 (May)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 213 · · May 2015

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016

  • Why Is a Free Press Forbiddenat Harvard University?, by Bradley Smith
  • Sylvia Stolz: Revisionism’s Joan of Arc, by Jett Rucker
  • How to Become a “Saint” and Get Canonized through Yad Vashem!, by Olodogma
  • It Takes All Kinds: Muslims Invading a Jewish Racket, by Jett Rucker
  • The Guilt of Oskar Gröning and the Innocence of Jewish Sonderkommandos, by Stephan Gallant
  • Inconvenient History Annual — Volume 6, by Richard A. Widmann
  • In Any Case, by Wislawa Szymborska

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Inconvenient History Annual — Volume 6, 2014

Inconvenient History Volume VI is now available! Our sixth softbound annual contains 612 pages of cutting-edge scholarship that topples misleading myths of contemporary history by revealing the inconvenient truth of these matters. Inconvenient History, Volume VI, contains all the content in our four issues from 2014, the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter issues of Inconvenient…

The Guilt of Oskar Gröning and the Innocence of Jewish Sonderkommandos

The much-ballyhooed trial in Lüneburg, Germany of a 93-year-old former SS man who served at Auschwitz over 70 years ago adds nothing to the extant case for the Holo and subtracts nothing from the revisionist case against it. Its chief interest is its insistence on the enhanced culpability of the defendant, Oskar Gröning. Nearly all…

How to Become a “Saint” and Get Canonized through Yad Vashem!

The March 19 issue of Olo­dogma contained an article titled « La catena di montaggio dei morti olocaustici, Magda Goebbels nel database dello Yad Vashem » (Holocaust death assembly line…. Magda Goebbels in the database of Yad Vashem Memorial) tells us about a masterminded hoax. The Italian daily Corriere della sera had called upon relatives…

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