No. 43 (May)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 43 · · May 1997

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  • Lipstadt unleashed against CODOH, but loses New York University Citadel to Campus Project
  • CODOH considers $50,000 offer
  • Department of Defense targets CODOH and the Campus Project
  • Hans Schmidt's dramatic account of his incarceration in “democratic” Germany
  • Net revisionists tour U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum by Richard Widmann
  • Can this be it? A final solution to the Final Solution?
  • and more!

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Can This Be It? A Final Solution to the Final Solution?

Last month's SR gave a brief description of Samuel Crowell’s brilliant “Technique and Operation of the German Anti-Gas Shelters in World War II: A Refutation of J.C. Pressac’s 'Criminal Traces,'” as it was newly posted to CODOH’s WWW site, CODOHWeb. Now you can read and savor this breakthrough article, in its hot-off-the-computer updated version. Yes,…

CODOHWeb Adds Revisionist, Free Speech Materials—Including an Important New Language

New postings to CODOH’s site on the World Wide Web during the month of April demonstrate the growing breadth of CODOHWeb’s outreach, as well as CODOH’s intensifying challenge, in defiance of new German government threats to freedom on the Internet, to the Holocaust myth and the repression of free inquiry that reign in Germany. CODOHWeb…

The Tinbergen Archives—a Select Catalog

Would you like to own authenticated photocopies of actual historical documents—ferreted out by revisionist researcher Cal Tinbergen from the U.S. Archives, from Israeli archives, and from other authoritative sources around the world? These are not revisionist essays or arguments. Each one is a document from an impeccable Establishment source, whether U.S. Ambassador William Bullitt on…

Internet Roundup

In past columns I have discussed many of the values that the Internet affords revisionism. One of the greatest advantages, however, is one that I have not yet mentioned, that is, “networking.” Through use of electronic-mail (email) revisionists have been able to communicate faster and more efficiently. This has been of great importance in emergency…

Smith and Smith on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

No. it's not the Three Tenors—it's the Two Smiths, Bradley and Hans (all right, Schmidt). Like Richard Widmann and Fred Toben. Hans and I toured the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum the month it opened, and afterwards I interviewed Hans on video. In exchange for your contribution I will send you this informative video discussion “in…

Hans Schmidt’s Dramatic Aaccount of his Incarceration in “Democratic” Germany

Hans Schmidt has just published a memoir of his 1995 incarceration by the German thought-police, Jailed in 'Democratic' Germany: The Ordeal of an American Writer. As many SR readers will remember, Schmidt was grabbed by German thought police while returning home from Germany in the summer of 1995. The 68-year-old writer was arrested and imprisoned…

Department of Defense Targets CODOH and the Campus Project

We recently received a copy of a published report titled Holocaust Revisionism, in which both CODOH and its director, yours truly, figure prominently. Neither that, nor the fact that the document relies heavily on stock ADL “anti-anti-Semitic” boilerplate, nor the circumstance that its text is extraordinarily banal, would by itself merit treating Holocaust Revisionism separately…

CODOH Considers $50,000 Offer

A CODOH benefactor is willing to offer $50,000 to one individual who performs a certain valuable achievement to promote CODOH and revisionism in national media. Our benefactor has suggested a specific (and very challenging) achievement to be accomplished in order to receive the $50,000, but has agreed to consider your input on whether such an…


This month I have enough material to fill a 10-page Notebook rather than the one or one and a half pages I have allotted for it. I have decided to save myself a lot of editing work by setting it all aside and using the space this month to listen and occasionally respond to some…

Lipstadt Unleashed Against CODOH,

Last month's issue of SR reported on the mobilization of Hillel, the national Jewish organization for students, and the Anti-Defamation League, America's most successful censorship organ, against the Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust’s latest campus campaign, which has succeeded in alerting hundreds of thousands of college students and professors to the abundance of…

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