No. 192 (July)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 192 · · July 2012

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016

  • Berlin Diary: A Global Lawfare Conspiracy. By Jett Rucker
  • Fragments: Another Ordinary Life. By Bradley R. Smith
  • The Crime of Politicizing the Holocaust: Two Decades of Reflection on OSI terror. By Heinz Bartesch
  • Canada tosses out Section 13 — Internet “Hate Speech” law. By Michael Hoffman
  • Holocaust Denial: Assaults on Collective Memory Becloud Europe's Future. By Rabbi Abraham Cooper
  • The Suffering of Second, Third, and Fourth Generation Survivors of a Horrifying Death. By Shafar Nullifidian

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The Suffering of Second, Third, and Fourth Generation Survivors of a Horrifying Death

As I, with heart breaking, recall the story, my Uncle Arthur was only 14 years old when he was struck and killed by a taxi cab careening down the street, the driver more than likely having been drinking and harboring a deep-seated hatred for bicycle riders. I never knew my Uncle Arthur, no doubt the…

Canada Tosses out Section 13 — Internet “Hate Speech” Law

Both of the following reports from the establishment media in Canada are defective. They omit the role of lawyer Doug Christie in battling for free speech in Canada for more than 25 years. This is an enormous omission in that British Columbia's Christie, together with Ontario attorney Barbara Kulaszka and independent activists Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire, has…

Fragments: Another Ordinary Life

*** The CODOH Homepage has been completely restructured. It’s a job that began with one volunteer back in 2010, was interrupted a number of times by real life, but now it’s up. It’s a work-in-progress, as are all Web pages, forever, but it’s up and functioning. What is particularly new about it, other than the…

Holocaust Denial: Assaults on Collective Memory Becloud Europe’s Future

I am quoting extensively here from the article published on 17 May in The Huffington Post—see—to demonstrate the growing reach of revisionist scholarship throughout the world via the Internet. And how the “rabbis’, in the university, the media, and the US Congress, depend on vindication rather than investigation to support their obsessions. There was…

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