No. 216 (October)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 216 · · October 2015

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016

  • Reorganizing CODOH, by the CODOH Trustees
  • What Should CODOH Do?, by Germar Rudolf
  • How the Holocaust Claims Fresh Victims—Today, by Jett Rucker
  • Irving v. Lipstadt Trial for Movie Theaters, Part II, by David Merlin
  • 14 Years’ Imprisonment for Wolfgang Fröhlich in Austria, by Roberto Hernandez
  • Revisionist Activities, by Santiago Alvarez
  • Fragments, by Bradley R. Smith

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*** Smith’s Report #2. November, 1990. Visalia, California: “This report informs you of what I am doing personally to promote an open debate on the Holocaust story. It does not attempt to monitor the revisionist movement.” That was 25 years ago. That’s the way it’s been all this time. What I am doing personally to…

Revisionist Activities

Did you ever wonder what happened to Fred Leuchter after Errol Morris had done his documentary on him called Mr. Death? Those of our readers who have stayed on top of things will have noticed that Leuchter has been on the editorial advisory board of Inconvenient History for a quite a few years. Admittedly, this…

Irving v. Lipstadt Trial for Movie Theaters, Part II

Irving v. Lipstadt Trial for Movie Theaters, Part II2015-10-10David MerlinSmith's Report, no. 216, October 2015, pp. 5-7 (…continued from SR 215) Ms. Alison ThompsonMr. Mark GooderCornerstone Films, c/o Sunray Films12 Sunray Avenue Herne HillLondon, SE24 9PY[email protected]Tel: +44 (0)758 033 758 September 30, 2015 Re: The movie Denial and the historical facts of the Irving Trial…

How the Holocaust Claims Fresh Victims—Today

General Electric used to promote its consumer products[1] as “The Gift That Keeps on Giving.” In the present day, that historical confabulation packaged under the name of “The Holocaust” (capital letters, please) continues to take victims, even if it does not often, as alleged by the promoters of the traditional horror story, actually kill them….

What Should CODOH Do?

As CODOH enters a new phase in its history, it is time to take stock. Because even for us at CODOH it is true that those who control the past, control the present, and those who control the present, control the future. So, first we, the team of Trustees and volunteers at CODOH, are trying…

Reorganizing CODOH

Hurray, we did it! CODOH is now officially a Charitable Trust, has its own Tax ID, a new postal address, a new bank account, and even a real phone number. And it wasn’t impeded by anything Bradley Smith or his stepdaughter did or did not do, as stated in the last Editorial, but rather by…

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