No. 219 (Feb.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 219 · · February 2016

Serving the Revisionist Community from 1990 until 2016

  • Tell the Truth – and Get Busted, by Santiago Alvarez
  • Reaching Out, CODOH Pays Freelance Bloggers and Writers, by The CODOH Trustees
  • 3D Imagery Demonstrates the Auschwitz Hole Hoax, by Eric Hunt
  • Son of Saul: Wartime Propaganda with Few Takers, by David Merlin
  • Breaking the Spell: The Kollerstrom Story, by Roberto Hernandez
  • Revisionist Flyers Spread Anonymously in Switzerland, by Gerhard Ittner
  • Free the Artist – Jail the Judge, by David Merlin
  • German Patriotic Party Excludes Revisionists, by Gerhard Ittner
  • “Who Will Stop the Crazy Nazi Ham-Radio Operator?”, by Gerhard Ittner
  • Revisionist Videos on Cable TV, by Jim Rizoli
  • Revisionist Activities, by Santiago Alvarez
  • FRAGMENTS, The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism, Bradley R. Smith

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Revisionist Activities

Jim Rizoli has created two more Skype interviews which he has added to his series of “Extraordinary Revisionists.” They feature CODOH’s founder Bradley Reed Smith, and Benton L. Bradbury, author of the book The Myth of German Villainy. While Brad’s interview focuses on his private life and involvement in revisionism, Ben summarizes his book, telling…

Revisionist Videos on Cable TV

I’ve been asked what we can do to get our message out to more people without spending a lot of money. The regular avenues like Facebook, YouTube, and the other social sites don’t take kindly to the Revisionist message and, in some cases, will ban the message completely… and the messenger. So far it has…

German Patriotic Party Excludes Revisionists

Screen shot of the offending Facebook entry with the Haverbeck video. German Politican Susanne Ulber has been excluded from the German patriotic, anti-immigration party Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) for having “denied the Holocaust”. Ulber had posted the video interview German revisionist Ursula Haverbeck had given to a leftist German government TV channel in…

Reaching Out

CODOH has become static, stale, ossified. That’s a complaint we’ve heard a lot lately. If you don’t know what we mean by that, go to CODOHWeb and see how rarely and irregularly new items get posted there. Many events worth reporting have been and are being left out. It’s a shame. There are several reasons…


*** I did my first public interview in years for The League of Extraordinary Revisionists (LOER). Inspired and developed by the triumvirate of Fred Leuchter, Jim Rizoli and Diane King, LOER is reaching out to the 'old corps' of revisionists, providing a venue through the interview process for these revisionists and also to those not…

Revisionist Flyers Spread Anonymously in Switzerland

Some individual(s) have disseminated a flyer to local letter boxes of the Swiss town of of Kreuzlingen. It contests that Jews were systematically gassed during WW II. The real victims, the anonymous author states, are to be found amongst German civilians: "So-called contemporary witnesses of those years are claiming gruesome horror-stories. The vast majority of…

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