Trials against Japanese

Just like the IMT in Germany, the Allied nations also staged a show trial in Japan, in contravention of international law. Here are papers dealing with this trial.

The Injustice of the Admissibility of Hearsay in War Crimes Trials

General Discussion of the Problem of Hearsay A best-selling English writer, Jennifer Worth, recently cited a Jewish psychiatrist, Dr. Elisabeth Kübler Ross, who claimed that her father and brother both “witnessed” German soldiers machine-gunning Jewish refugees attempting to swim across a river into Switzerland. (Exact quote: “Her father and brother later witnessed Nazi machine gunners…

Hideki Tojo’s Prison Diary

Published here for the first time in English is the postwar prison “diary” of Japanese General and Premier Hideki Tojo. After an outstanding army career and service as War Minister, Tojo served as Prime Minister from October 1941 to July 1944 – perhaps the most critical period in his country's history. A few weeks after…

Thoughts on the Military History of the Occupation of Japan

I. Introduction We are now on the crest of a wave of interest in America's post-war occupation of Japan; many studies of the occupation have recently appeared, both in Japan and the United States.[1] Most of these works, however, are diplomatically, economically, or sociologically oriented. Studies undertaken primarily from a military viewpoint are comparatively few….

Allied War Crimes Trials

On 14 November 1945, the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal at Nürnberg (Nuremberg) were opened. The twenty-four accused, whose number was later reduced to twenty-two by disease and death, among the top officials of the National Socialist Party, the top leadership of the armed forces and of the state administration of the defeated German…

Japs Ate My Gall Bladder

In his famous dissentient judgment at the Tokyo Trial Justice R.B. Pal of India used the term “vile competition” in reference to propaganda and atrocity charges. One gets the impression that “witnesses”, “affiants” and “deponents” are striving to outdo each other in improvements upon the same tale, each claiming to have personally suffered the most….

Japanese War Crimes Trials

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, or, You Are What You Eat – So Be Careful If You Can't Eat 'Em, Beat 'Em Or, How I Killed Thousands of People With My Bare Hands I Left my Heart in Old Mukden, or, How I Survived Miraculously While Almost Nobody Died Japan was Provoked into a War…

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