Published: 1999-03-01

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I’m an evening, part-time, adult education teacher. The enclosed letter was on the desk that I share with my morning counterpart who teaches social studies during the regular school hours. More ammo for your refreshing, monthly revisionist newsletter. Keep up the good work.

H.M., Florida

The letter referred to is addressed to “All Middle and Senior High School Principals in Florida.” Its subject is “Holocaust Education.” It informs us that “The State of Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education” will be distributed to “all senior high schools in Florida later this year.” NOTICE: I would very much like to have a copy of this manual when it becomes available. At the same time, I am reminded that a good number of states other than Florida have such “manuals” and “study guides.” I would like to have them all! Every one! If you live in a state which distributes such materials to its teachers, I would very much appreciate receiving them. Don't worry about duplicating the efforts of another. Any duplicate manuals and such that you send will be supplied to people who are working with me.

Thanks again for your newsletter. It is interesting not your continued gain in popularity on the Web. It is a better indication of the amount of interest on the part of your readers—much more than circulation figures given out by newspapers. The paper may be dropped at 100,000 doorways, but you don’t know whether anyone had time to read it that morning, or if they did. if they had any interest at all in what you might have written. But when 100,000 people “hit” your Website, your know they are interested in the issues you cover. When they download a page or article, you know that they thought it interesting enough to either want to have a permanent copy of it, or want to share it with others. Your readership, therefore, is much more significant than how many households receive a certain newspaper.

H.M., California

I’m a new subscriber to Smith's Report. Of German descent, my relatives fought in all services of the German military and I specifically recall a distant uncle who served in the Waffen SS. He spoke of his capture by the Russians and his imprisonment for several hard years. He did not hate his Russian captors; they too were subject to severe conditions. Until five years ago I had never heard the word “revisionism.” Then, at work, I ran into [name withheld by editor]. I grew amazed that there were people who had interests similar to mine. A few months ago I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. I wanted to remain open-minded and sensitive to the suffering experienced by the victims of WWII. However, as I toured the Museum, I grew increasingly angry as I saw the crude, one-sided point of view. Where were those who suffered in the camps who were not Jews? Where were the exhibits that showed that much of what happened was due to the catastrophic military campaigns of all sides? Why does the story have to be told in such a slanted way? I look forward to reading Smith’s Report.

D R., New Jersey

I’m very much aware of how late this issue of SR is. The workload this month has been exceptional. We haven’t told the entire story behind the tabloid project, as I don’t want to give all of it away up front. I think we are going to be behind the curve with SR 63 as well. Don’t worry. It will mean that the project is going very well.


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Published: 1999-03-01
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