More on Texas and Elsewhere

Published: 1993-02-28

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The last couple days David and I have been interviewed for the U. Texas radio station. The Houston Chronicle has published an interview with me, and the Dallas Morning News has run an article on the Texas fracas. David gave a long interview to the Daily Texan. A high school teacher in a Dallas suburb has asked for information her students can use to write a paper on the free press questions surrounding revisionism.

I've been interviewed by the Daily Campus at Southern Methodist University, and the Michigan Daily. A supporter has sent me a copy of the Bucks Country Currier Times, dated 21 February, with a short release headlined "Rewriting history—Austin Texas. It's only three column inches, so they picked it up off a wire service, but if the Bucks Country Currier, serving a large suburban area near Philadelphia, has run the story, then it's certain that scores of papers across the country have also run it. I've been interviewed by a student at Texas and another at Georgia for classroom writing projects they are working on. Both are interesting. The Texas student is comparing a "leader" who has the full acceptance of his community with a "leader" who is condemned by his (I'm trying to figure out which one I am). The Georgia student is doing a paper on the role "journalistic ethics" plays with respect to revisionism.

Not much, I told her.

The February 93 issue of The American Spectator reprints a 30 November 92 article from The Wall Street Journal which in turn reports on a series of articles in the U.C. Berkeley Daily Californian on censorship and CODOH's Campus Project. So we were noted in all three publications. And in each case it is the other side that had to wrestle with it's conscience.

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