My Memory of Bradley Smith

Published: 2016-02-24

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Bradley Smith will always be remembered as a man of integrity, worthy of the highest form of love—TRUST. 

I would spend 1-3 hours of intense phone conversations with him; the last time I spoke to him was last month in January, and I wanted to wish him an early happy birthday the day before his death on his 86th birthday. I could not because I had a bad Internet connection with my iPhone—Bradley, forgive me.

Last month's January phone call was the shortest phone conversation we ever had. He felt weak--but his mind and wit were still sharp. Bradley, you were a man with tremendous guts and intelligence.

Bradley Smith was blessed with extra abilities. He was in touch with your sense of intuition or compassion able to see things others can't or create projects others don't dream of. Bradley, you did it with class.

I told him in my last phone call with him something I never told him before. That he was the first revisionist I ever heard on the airwaves,. It was late at night around midnight some time in the late 1980s I was lying on my futon in my New York City apartment in Manhattan; he was on the Barry Farber radio talk show. I told Bradley how I thought he was a kook questioning the Holocaust. He got humored by the story. Bradley, that is how I thought at the time.

But, the Jewish host of the show was receptive and fair to Bradley, which shocked my brain that the very ethnocentric Jew Barry Farber was open-minded to revisionism. I could not believe my ears how balanced Barry Farber was in interviewing him. Bradley, after the show I still thought you were a kook.

I continued to tell him, in my last phone call with him, that it was not till I got my first computer to navigate the World Wide Web, that I came across him again. That is when I was first exposed to serious Holocaust Revisionist literature. Bradley, because of your work on the Internet, you helped revolutionize my world.

I met Bradley in the year 2000, at an IHR conference. He inspired me, with confidence, to be a blogger on the World Wide Web. Bradley, thank you for teaching me not to compromise my integrity for anyone or anything.

Bradley, my last words to you, if there's a heaven, God will think you are a kook, but only someone of your caliber will make God a Holocaust Revisionist.

Thank you for letting me ride on your coat-tails while you were on earth, with the dozens of hours of the some of the most important conversations I've ever had.

Life will not be the same without you. I love you. Thank you for the memories. Your spirit is in me to continue blogging "inconvenient truths." 

Rest in peace!

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