New IHR Web-Site and E-Mail Addresses

Published: 1995-09-01

Through his personal Internet Web site, Journal associate editor Greg Raven makes available an impressive selection of material from the Institute for Historical Review, including IHR Journal articles and reviews and IHR leaflets. Also included is a listing of every item that has ever appeared in this Journal, allowing callers to quickly search for titles and authors. New Web site items are being added as time permits.

All this material is instantly available to millions around the world, free of censorship by governments or powerful special interest groups. It can be reached by Internet 24 hours a day from any of 146 countries through the World Wide Web (WWW), a multimedia extention of the Internet.

Because of an unforeseen account change, there is a new address for reaching revisionist materials through the Internet.

The new Web site address for IHR material is [… invalid now; see; ed.] E-mail messages should now be sent to the IHR in care of [… invalid now; see; ed.]

For more about all this, see "Revisionist Global Computer Outreach" in the July-August 1995 Journal.

CODOH comments: In our effort to post all the papers published in The Journal of Historical Review, this item here stands out as one that has been repeated, with minor variations, in numerous issues of the JHR. We have decided to post them all, as none of them are 100% identical. We apologize if this seems repetitive. Blame it on the JHR's editor...

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Title: New IHR Web-Site and E-Mail Addresses
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Published: 1995-09-01
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