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Published: 2014-06-11

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*** Zan Overall and I decided to run a classified ad in the Daily Bruin at UCLA. UCLA is where Zan holds his weekly Truth Tuesdays. We might be able to get the ad in because Zan would take it in to the office personally. Zan’s doing other stuff, I’m doing other stuff, and when this last Tuesday got here he called me from the Bruin front desk. I was on the street running errands here in town. We had more or less settled on a text, but now I was not clear how it read. We decided on a wording, a price—it was $125—using my credit card there in the car. It would run for ten days. It appeared first on the 8th. This was the text:

Should the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum promote filmed testimony of Jewish Sonderkommandos who helped process Jews into gas chambers?

I wasn’t crazy about it, but as Sam Konkin used to say, sometimes it’s better to get it done than to get it done right. So I did what Abraham does. Abe and I each know our limitations. I repeated myself. I wrote a letter to the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bruin, Ms. Jillian Beck. I thanked her for allowing the ad to run, and explained my reasons for placing it. Here is the letter. I copied it to the complete editorial staff at the paper so all could read it. A few days later we would copy it to hundreds of folk at UCLA, academics, and student orgs. There is at least one error in it. Ms. Beck is the Editor-in-Chief, not merely the editor, of the Bruin.

Jillian Beck, Editor
The Daily Bruin
[email protected]

Date 15 May 2014

Ms. Beck:

I want to thank the Daily Bruin for running a small advertisement in the Daily Bruin classifieds (the Personal section) beginning with the edition of 08 May 2014.

My experience suggests that there will be those on your campus, and elsewhere, who will think the Bruin is mistaken to allow the ad to run. If that turns out to be the case I suggest (forgive me) that you ask those persons—students, academics, or off-campus special-interest entities—to clarify for you what they perceive to be wrong in allowing this simple question to be asked.

In the Mission Statement of the Daily Bruin we find that the Board believes that an independent student press is critical to a well-informed student population. That it is committed to “a responsible and clear analysis of relevant events and news items affecting the lives of those we serve.” A sound commitment and a sound ideal.

The final paragraph in your Mission Statement includes these words: “Editorials are intended to serve as the jumping [off] point, and not the conclusion, to discussion.” I agree. I am not so certain, however, of the academic community on the UCLA campus. As a matter of fact, I wonder if you could find one professor on your campus who would publicly support asking the question that I have asked with our ad?

The ad asks for clarification of one issue: “Why are some German collaborators hunted down for prosecution and prison while protesting their innocence, while others can confess on film to the fact that they collaborated with Germans in processing Jews for the gas chambers and be left to live out their lives as “normal” folk?

We are asking why the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, when judging the responsibility of those who collaborated with Germans in the mass-murder of Jews, does so under a double standard. Some collaborators are guilty though they plead their innocence, while others are treated as if they were innocent while testifying on film to their guilt. Why is that? I believe this is a “jumping off” place for opening a discussion that is routinely, even purposefully, evaded on the American university campus.

For example: see the eyewitness testimony of Sam Itzkowitz who testifies on film that he built gas chamber doors at Auschwitz so that the mass-murder of Jews could be carried out efficiently. See:

In my view, asking this simple question would lead ultimately to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in a fundamental way to all the issues in the Middle East that so exercise those who govern, and are the primary beneficiaries of, the American Empire. What do you think? I’m willing to be convinced, via a free exchange of ideas, that I am wrong about any or all of this.


Bradley Smith, Founder
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
T: 209 682 5327
Email: [email protected]

*** Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a student organization devoted to creating an open debate on the Israeli/ Palestinian catastrophe. It is gaining a substantial press. At the same time the SJP studiously avoids the Gas Chamber question. I understand that they mean to avoid the charge of being Holocaust Deniers. They do not understand, or more likely are too fearful to accept the fact, that it is the Gas Chamber story that is the Hebrew Miracle Weapon, without which the entire Zionist/Israeli/Jewish House of Cards would collapse overnight. The Gas Chamber narrative is the core weapon of that enterprise.

The brain is forcing me to recall that some ten years ago I was invited to speak to the student directors of a Muslim student group at UC San Diego. I would speak to them, and they would decide if they were to invite me to speak at a large, public affair. That night there were about a dozen young men in the room. I made no plan whatever for what I was going to say. I no longer remember why I was so distracted. I rambled around for half an hour or so. I went over how the story is suppressed and censored but made no serious connection with the Palestinian equation. It was a brainless exercise on my part, the young men saw it for what it was, and afterward I was told that they would not sponsor a public presentation for me.

Nowadays I would do it differently. I would make a serious attempt to act as if I’m awake.

*** Here is one of the texts I “tweeted” this month. There are 159 persons “following” my tweets. Not much of a showing. Busy with other stuff.

“Of 10 Jews today maybe 3 will worship God, but 9.999 will worship Jewish suffering

and the Holocaust”

*** I have lost a lot of hours over the last three months trying to set up a bulk e-mail program using an Indian source. A source that will not get hysterical when they start to hear from special agents threatening to use the Hebrew Miracle Weapon to shut them down. It still is not working. Not the end of the world, but a real loss of time.

*** Veterans Today (VT) has printed an article titled “The Department of Delay, Deceit, and Dumb Disorder.” It addresses the growing scandal at the VA hospital system over charges that the system is riddled with dishonesty, inefficiency, ineptitude, and that a number of VA hospitals have been falsifying records.

There is also the observation that: “The number of injured veterans returning from our recent wars has grown substantially, in part because so many lives of the severely wounded are being saved by advanced medical procedures in the field and in hospital.

Here, without reason, the brain recalls Ackerman (he was from Kentucky) taking a machine-gun slug in his right hip on a forested mountain ridge in North Korea. Our medic had shot him with a pain killer and Ackerman was resting quietly in the dirt and leaves waiting for a helicopter to get him off the mountain.

Why does the brain come up with this one? No idea. It happened sixty-three years ago. Ackerman was in no danger of dying from his wound. He was in no pain, and the helicopter did arrive at a clearing some hundred feet down the slope behind us. I appear to have no personal responsibility for memory. The brain does memory on its own.

Regarding disorganization and corruption at the VA, I have to say that that has not been my experience. I did not use VA services for more than 40 years until 2008 when I went into the Chula Vista VA clinic to get a shot in the left knee for the pain and the very alert Chinese lady doctor spied a small swelling in my throat. She set up an appointment for me at the La Jolla hospital where they were well organized, diagnosed the cancer, and took care of business with chemotherapy and the rest of it. Same thing all over again in 2012. And then last year there was the stroke, and the VA very quickly and efficiently did what they could in response.

The San Diego VA is responsible for some 50,000 individuals. They can’t get everything right. I’ve been on the back burner for spine surgery for eight months now. Nothing whatever has happened. Turns out my primary care doctor forgot to make the initial appointment, and I was careless and busy and did not follow up. It’s in the works now, along with some other stuff.

My politics being libertarian and in favor of “small government,” I nevertheless take all the help I can get from the State each time the cancer knocks. I’m doing it again now. If mine were an idealistic nature I might consider refusing such aid because others have to pay for it. But my nature being what it is, I accept the help of the State (you folks) when mortality appears at the door.

*** Nine Banded Books: I don’t think I have yet mentioned anywhere that NBB is going to publish my A Personal History of Moral Decay. The title refers to what was happening in the life before I discovered Faurisson and Butz, the days when everyone understood I was a swell guy, before that time when I fell from Grace with all the Best People here and abroad.

Nine Banded Books is the work of Chip Smith, who kicked off his publishing company with my The Man Who Saw His Own Liver a couple three years back. This will make four books of mine to have been published. A small accomplishment for a professional writer. But then, I’m not that.

I have paid almost no attention to promoting any of the books. I am especially reminded of this by observing how David Cole is promoting his own new book, Republican Party Animal. He’s being professional about it from beginning to end. And that means he is putting all his attention, his energy, his writing skills, which are formidable, into promoting his book. He’s a natural professional.

I wrote the stories being published in Moral Decay over a period of 20 years, a period that ended more than 30 years ago—in 1980 to be precise. The title refers to the fact that after personally experiencing a series of hallucinatory “daydreams” for two decades, my attention was caught one dramatic afternoon in the Los Angeles Public Library where I read a few hundred words in Arthur Butz’s Hoax of the Twentieth Century. That was thirty-four years ago. I wrote about it in the opening chapter of Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist. The dramatic, at times melodramatic and always inexplicable daydreams were largely over. And now here I am. Nothing for it?

As a publisher, Chip is not interested at this time in the work I have done on the Gas Chamber Taboo, but in how I walked through the subjective life in those hallucinatory days when I was still primarily focused on the inner life. If such a thing exists. Is there more than one life in the life of the individual? Anyhow, any or all of the primary stories in Moral Decay can be used to challenge the character, perhaps the sanity, of the author. “This guy is off his rocker.”

For my part, I was deeply interested in what I was seeing.

*** James Cleveland sends me a note that between us got lost and now with the passage of time is not relevant. But there is one comic aside.

“Revisionist leaders in general have showed steely reserve in keeping at their posts, revealing little of themselves and their personal lives. This has added greatly to the field's professionalism but many patriots have felt themselves faced with a Hobson's choice—or Sophie's choice, so to speak—total dedication to the work, or a happy normal home life.”

And then this note: “David Merlin's list of Anne Frank relatives got me digging into genealogy. Anne's Frank's stepsister (still alive and mining the Holo-hoax full-time) was related to renowned musicologist Karl Geiringer, whose mathematician sister married Ludwig von Mises's scientist brother. Strange, isn't it, how the best and worst are connected?”

*** Carl writes from France: “Dear Bradley, I am not particularly smart but I don't get the point of your “Sonderkommando” campaign. And when I don't get the point then it is likely that many others don't get it either. If there wasn't any gas chambers, there wasn't any Sonderkommandos either.

“Even if your dwelling on the contradiction in the holocaust lobby heroizing these (imaginary) gas chamber helpers may raise an eyebrow among the knowledgeable, I fear that this theme turns off several more in the majority that have a minimal knowledge of the holocaust story. ‘Don't they have better arguments than this? And what did this prove?’ would be my question if I would come onto this out of the blue.”

I’ve been wanting to clear this up. Carl got to me at a good moment. Re the no-gas-chambers-no-Sonderkommandos comment: This one is wrong. Gas chambers or not, there were work Jews (Sonderkommando) all over the place, at every significant camp that I am aware of, to follow the orders of their German supervisors.

But re my dwelling on the contradictions inherent in the Industry promoting the Gas Chamber Sonderkommando as heroic victims, I do need to make it clear what I am about. There is more than one point to make.

The USHMM promotes the Gas Chamber stories as being real, and the testimony of Sonderkommando who worked in and around the gas chambers as being honest. That is, those work Jews collaborated with Germans in the mass gassings of Jews. According to the Museum.

Unlike the USHMM, I find the Gas Chamber story to be a hoax (thank you, Professor Butz), and that the Sonderkommando who testify on film that they worked in and around them are liars. At the same time, the Museum presents their filmed testimony as being truthful. Therefore those work Jews must be guilty of collaborating in the mass extermination of Jews.

The Museum cannot have it both ways. If the Museum is going to exploit the filmed testimony of work Jews who claim they collaborated with Germans in the extermination of the Jews, those work Jews, those Sonderkommando, are guilty of war crimes and should be prosecuted. That’s the USHMM’s own logic. But the Museum makes an exception for work Jews. Why?

For example, if you were a German working as a cook at Auschwitz and it can be shown that you were able to see the smoke from the crematoria (which did not exist), you will be charged with collaborating with Nazis—in short, a war criminal. Yet a Jewish Sonderkommando can testify on film that he helped build steel doors for the gas chambers at Auschwitz and he is innocent of all wrongdoing. His sick behavior is not even mentioned. Example: the eyewitness testimony of Sam Itzkowitz who testifies on film that he built gas chamber doors at Auschwitz.

I do not believe that Sam is a war criminal. I do believe he is a liar. And that it is obvious he is a liar.

The Museum holds to the line that Sam is telling the truth about collaborating with Germans, and then holds that he was a victim of the Germans so did nothing wrong. It is the German who cooked for Germans and Jews alike who is the war criminal. So obvious.

It’s a multi-sided proposition that I am forwarding. I would like someone to give me a simple way of making it clear.

*** Dieudonné M'bala M'bala is the French comedian who in 2003 performed a sketch on a TV show about an Israeli settler whom he depicted as a Nazi. Critics argued that he had "crossed the limits of anti-Semitism." Dieudonné refused to apologize and denounced Zionism and the Jewish lobby.

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala.
His quenelle signature: an inverse “Nazi” salute?

In 2008 he honored Robert Faurisson personally before a large theater audience. In one of his shows in 2008, Dieudonné described Holocaust remembrance as "memorial pornography". A catchy phrase, which some of it is. He was subsequently convicted in court eight times on anti-Semitism charges.

Dieudonné has been banned from mainstream media, and many of his shows have been cancelled by local authorities. Active on the internet and in his Paris theater, Dieudonné has continued to have a wide following. His quenelle signature gesture became notorious.

After Dieudonné was recorded during a performance mocking a Jewish journalist, suggesting it was a pity that he was not sent to the gas chambers (that one is a little rich, but you have to hand it to him on principle), French Interior Minister Manuel Vallis stated that Dieudonné was “no longer a comedian” but was rather an "anti-Semite and racist" and that he would seek to ban all Dieudonné's public gatherings as they amounted to a public-safety risk. The ban on his shows has been upheld by French courts.

M’bala M’bala’s web site is here:

*** The CODOH Forum: A long-running thread on the Forum addresses how to “Deny” the Holocaust. “Astro3” ended one post with some novel reflections:

“In my experience, one only gets the opportunity for a very short sound bite. ‘The H’ is a mind-trap, a steel trap that closes and terminates discussion. The ‘wicked Nazis’ and the ‘poor Jews’ –

“A Revisionist needs Power of Heart to withstand the hurled accusations ‘Nazi! Anti-Semite! Hater!’

“Maybe this whole topic is more about enchantment than it is about science. Beside the swimming pool at Auschwitz is a notice in Hebrew ‘this is not a swimming pool.’ That says it all. People have really believed the notice in Hebrew. We are here to break the enchantment. ‘People it does not exist! It never happened!’

“We violate that which is sacred, yes. But I’m saying, or I think I am, we break that spell using chemical and rational logic. Where did the spell come from? We live in a war-maker civilization where the Primary Myths are the war-ratifying illusions. Deep passions are locked into them and that’s why you get vilified by denying them.”

The H. story is more about Enchantment than history then, or science, and it calls for a Power of Heart to stand against it.

Is this man a writer or what?

*** Another “mass shooting.” This time by a UC Santa Barbara student. New calls to ban guns in America. I live in Mexico. Guns are very strictly banned here. Last year some 17,000 Mexican citizens were killed by guns. Good folk have no guns, but all the bad guys who want guns or need guns for their work have guns.

*** Deborah Lipstadt writes in The Tablet

“that a school district in Rialto, California, assigned 2,000 8th-grade students to write an essay on whether or not they believe the Holocaust was ‘an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme.” She fears that “this is the greatest victory for Holocaust denial in well over a decade, if not more.” Not to worry, Debbie. The teachers and administrators of the Rialto school district soon learned that they would either cancel the assignment or have their lives in education cancelled. Eighth-graders are just too young to deal with the history and politics of such an immense collection of stories.

At the same time we learn that in Israel the Education Ministry and Yad Vashem have unveiled a new curriculum to teach the Holocaust starting in kindergarten!

The Rialto school district has a long way to go. Eh Debbie?

*** “How Careless of Goya to Lose His Head.” That’s the title of an article in the New York Times arts section. It’s a good title. The

article addresses an opera being presented called “Facing Goya.” The author is James R. Oestreich. I’m not interested in the opera (I grew up in South Central Los Angeles where they used to do the riots), but I am caught by Oestreich’s title.

The other night, trying to straighten things out in the office here, I came across a carbon copy of a story I wrote on the typewriter back in the 60’s titled “The Black Monk, the Great Hog, and the Lady from Lebanon.” Terrific title. No?. It compares favorably with Oestreich’s title. Mine is a good story, but the last page is missing. I don’t know how it ends.

Why is my interest caught up by titles here? I woke up early this morning thinking about my new book, A Personal History of Moral Decay—I’m going to refer to it from here on out simply as “Moral Decay”—and some of the stories that could have been in it if I could find them. The “Black Monk” is one of them.

My interest in the publication of Moral Decay is growing. Chip Smith originated the concept. He took care of it from beginning to end, with a minimal input from me. This book represents what I would have been writing all these years if men like Faurisson and Butz had not interfered so deeply in my personal life. Some of you will probably like this new book. Next month I’ll be able to tell you how to get a copy. I’ll be interested in hearing what your reaction to it is.

Until next month then.


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