Police Search!

Published: 2001-06-02

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Today at 7.45 am four police officers carried out an extensive search of my house. They acted under a warrant issued by the Parisian examining magistrate (juge d'instruction) Jean-Paul Valat. Three of them had come from Paris and the fourth from the local Vichy police station.

They found none of the objects for which they were searching, in effect, certain things relating to the four volumes of my Ecrits révisionnistes (1974-1998).

They took full fingerprint samples from both of my hands.

The three officers from Paris belonged to the Brigade des affaires sanitaires et des libertés publiques (BASLP, "Brigade for [Community] Health Concerns and Public Freedoms")*. The "Public Freedoms" section is nothing other than the agency which in former times was more candidly called Bureau de censure ("Censorship Bureau"). The officers conducted themselves properly, with the exception of the high-ranking Mme Annie MODICA (commandant de police). As I refused to give the name of any of my revisionist correspondents and added that I was not an informer, this person permitted herself the remark: "You defend a system that resorted a great deal to informing". I immediately wrote down her sentence and, in clear-cut language, conveyed to her in reply a salvo of observations of my own.

As is my habit, I stated to these officers that I refused to collaborate with the French police and justice system in the repression of historical revisionism.

* Police judiciaire, 122 rue du Château des Rentiers, 75013 Paris.

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Title: Police Search!, 2-June-2001
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Published: 2001-06-02
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