The German Court vs. Carlos Porter

Answer to Subpoena of May 22, 1997
Published: 1998-01-05

Richter Ulrich
Landgericht Muenchen I
Nymphenburger Strasse 16
D-800335 Muenchen

Spa, 1 July 1997

Landgericht Muenchen
Az. 18 Ns 112 Js 11637/96

Fax: (089) 55 97 43 54


Judge Ulrich!

With regards to your subpoena of 22 May:

Without prejudicial admission, waiver, and with all due reserves:

  • I do not recognize your jurisdiction.
  • I do not recognize the legality of your order of punishment.
  • I do not recognize the legality of your subpoena.
  • I do not recognize the legality of your laws curtailing freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of opinion, and freedom of expression.
  • I do not recognize the legality of being asked to produce evidence when every single one of my defence witnesses and experts is either currently in prison, or is a fugitive from justice, for the "crime" of expressing their internationally recognized freedom of expression, and when every one of their expert opinions and books, have, without exception, been banned, confiscated and burnt.
  • Article 10 guarantees freedom of opinion. A decision of the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg ("Notary X" case, Hugo Gijsels and Leo de Haes, February 1997), states that "an opinion need not be proven, or even susceptible to proof".
  • Article 6 of the European Human Rights Convention guarantees a fair trial before an impartial judge.
  • I refuse to appeal. I refuse to appear.
  • I take no interest in the illegal decisions of a kangaroo court plying its trade in a foreign totalitarian dictatorship.
  • If you fine me, I will not pay it. If you put me in prison, I will go on hunger strike like Bobby Sands.
  • I shall speak and write the truth as I see it whether you or anyone else likes it or not.


Carlos Porter

[The defendant then received another subpoena, translated into English, dated 22 August 1997, identical to the others, except that "advocacy of violence" had been arbitrarily added to the list of crimes for which the defendant stood accused.]

Certified Translation from German into English


Criminal case against Carlos W. Porter regarding incitement to hatred and violence [!] against segments of the population.

Dear Mr. Porter,

You are summoned for the hearing of your appeal on weekday month/day/year/time above mentioned building Friday October 10, 1997 2:00 P.M., Court room n. A 208/II

At the hearing you may be represented by a defending counsel on the basis of a written power of attorney.

Your appeal will have to be dismissed without hearing the case, if at the beginning of the hearing you neither appear personnaly nor by counsel with a written power of attorney and if there is no reasonable excuse for your absence.

At the hearing the evidence shown below will be presented [Note: blank space — no evidence indicated]. You may request the Court to summon further witnesses and experts or to procure other evidence, stating in your request the facts about which evidence shall be taken. You may also bring with you to the hearing any witnesses or experts whom you want ot be examined, however, you have to inform the Court immediately about their names and addresses [Note: No doubt so the court can arrest them and burn their books].

If you should not be able to pay for the travelling expenses out of your own resources and furnish proof thereof, you may submit an application for a travelling allowance to the above-mentioned Court or, in urgent cases, to the Local Court competent for your place of residence.

Yours faithfully,
signed: Weingart
Court employee
Clerk of the Court's office


Documents: [blank] [!]
Other evidence: [blank] [!]

In my capacity as sworn translator for the English language duly registered with the Regional Court Munich I, I confirm: foregoing translation of the document, drafted in German language and presented to me in the original, is correct and complete [!].

Munich, August 25, 1997.

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Published: 1998-01-05
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