"The Journal of Historical Review" index, 1980-1998

Published: 1999-02-15

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To mark the publication of the first 17 volumes of the Journal, we have compiled a listing of all articles and reviews that have appeared in the Journal over the years, and are providing it here as a supplement to this issue. Also included are signed readers' letters, and some notable quotations.

The main listing is arranged chronologically by volume and number, with individual entries arranged alphabetically by author and title for each issue. Items with no author are arranged by title before the other listings. Each listing shows the page number where the item starts.

At the beginning of each entry is a reference number that is used with the topic and author indexes.

To use the topic or author index, locate the topic or author in which you are interested and note the reference number(s) that follow the index listing. These numbers correspond to the reference numbers at the beginning of the entries in the main, chronological listing.

The Index is available here as an ocr-processed PDF file.

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Author(s): Greg Raven
Title: "The Journal of Historical Review" index, 1980-1998
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Published: 1999-02-15
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