Willis Carto and the Problems

Published: 1995-08-01

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Again, as repeatedly stated in previous issues of SR, we know that we should let sleeping dogs lie and not open up old wounds. If I had a chance, I wouldn't publish the following article. But we are in the business of posting the contents of all issues of Smith's Report for historical and archival reasons—all of its contents. So we won't hide this opinion piece either. –Webmaster, Sept. 21, 2015

Michele Vadon, attorney representing the city of Costa Mesa and its police department, is quoted in the Los Angeles Times, June 16, 1995:

“…[Carto] seems to think the best defense is a strong offense: file a civil rights suit, challenge the warrant [to search his house], sue everyone and maybe they’ll go away. ... But we’re not going to go away. There is no doubt. The documents are very clear. ... Carto took the money.”


I receive requests for more substantial background on the Carto/IHR affair than I can report on here. If you want additional background, particularly from IHR’s perspective, write them at PO Box 2739, Newport Beach CA 92659, or ring their offices at 714.631.1490.

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Title: Willis Carto and the Problems
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Published: 1995-08-01
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