Zündel Attacked on way to Trial

ThoughtCrime: 01/07/85
Published: 1985-01-07

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

Members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) screamed obscenities while attacking Ernst Zündel, who questions whether six million Jews were killed by the Nazis, outside Toronto's downtown County Courthouse this morning.

Zündel, a 46-year-old Toronto man charged with spreading false news, and about 15 supporters and friends clad in protective yellow hardhats were set upon as they walked hastily in a box-like formation toward the courthouse.

About 15 Metro Toronto police could not hold back the 25 members of the JDL. Several punches landed on Mr. Zündel 's supporters.

During the melee police tackled a couple of the JDL attackers to the ground. The rhythmic chants of "Never again, never again," had changed quickly into vulgar obscenities and taunts. There were no apparent serious injuries. A police spokesman said four JDL members were charged with causing a disturbance.

Inside, a packed courtroom watched as Mr. Zündel was arraigned on two charges of spreading false news which he knew would cause or was likely to cause mischief to racial or social tolerance. The charges relate to two booklets published by Mr. Zündel , West, War, and Islam, and Did Six Million Really Die?

Defense counsel Douglas Christie made several pre-trial motions before County Court Judge Hugh Locke regarding the constitutionality of the charges and the process by which the jury will be be selected. Mr. Christie, who recently defended Albertan Jim Keegstra in a similar case, flew from Victoria, B.C., to represent Mr. Zündel .

In an interview, Mr. Christie decried the violence outside the courtroom. "I've never seen people beaten on the steps of a courthouse like that with absolute impunity," he said.

Adapted from: The Toronto Globe and Mail, January 7, 1985. See also, Michael A. Hoffman II, "The Great Holocaust Trial, Wiswell Ruffin House 1995.

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