Auschwitz survivor blessed with growing family

Published: 1995-03-01

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Leo Laufer is a survivor of Auschwitz/Birkenau who monitors the Dallas (Texas) press to insure that it gives survivors a square deal and that the Holocaust is never forgotten.

On 10 February 1977 a letter from Mr. Laufer ran in The Dallas Times-Herald (defunct) reporting that Laufer had spent almost two years at Birkenau where “I lost my entire family of two brothers, three sisters, my father and mother, and aunts and uncles.”

On 20 April a letter from Mr. Laufer ran in The Dallas Morning News reporting that while at Birkenau he had lost his “father, mother, three brothers, four sisters and not counting hundreds of family members.”

It must feel reassuring to understand that even in the land of the dead one's family can continue to multiply, which implies a kind of underground eroticism that few of us have had the privilege of experiencing.

(Thanks to B.A., Evanston IL)

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Title: Auschwitz survivor blessed with growing family
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Published: 1995-03-01
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