Austrian Website Owner Jailed, Threatened w/10 Years in Prison

ThoughtCrime: 12/07/96
Published: 1996-12-07

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

Chemical engineer Wolfgang Fröhlich has been jailed and threatened with ten years imprisonment for operating his World War Two revisionist website (once at, according to information The Campaign for Radical Truth in History has received from [email protected].

bs-org writes :

"Fröhlich is or rather was the last one who kept on fighting in Austria against the scientific impossiblity of the homicidal gas chamber claims. The rest of the revisionist scholars and activists in Austria and Germany are underground or in jail. There is a law here, if you doubt the six million "holocaust" figure they can put you behind bars up to 15 years; usually it's 10 years, just for saying and thinking the wrong thing. Wolfgang Fröhlich was threatened with 10 years jail if he would not stop writing about the Gaskammerschwindel. 10 years is a usual sentence here if somebody does not believe the six million victims' figure. I was told by his wife that he has signed a paper, agreeing to stop doubting the homicidal gas chambers, but he is not yet free. He may be free next week, it is not certain. Nobody knows yet if he will still get this 10 year sentence or if he will be released. But he is still in jail ..."

CODOH thanks Michael A. Hoffman II and the the Campaign for Radical Truth in History for providing this information.

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Title: Austrian Website Owner Jailed, Threatened w/10 Years in Prison, ThoughtCrime: 12/07/96
Published: 1996-12-07
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