Middle East

Discussing the links between the orthodox Holocaust narrative and its impact on societal and political developments in the Middle East

A (Real) Holocaust Denier for Congressman

The San Francisco Chronicle printed a story last Friday (July 6, 2018) titled "Bay Area GOP candidate denies Holocaust, campaigns on anti-Semitism." As a Holocaust revisionist I was intrigued enough to visit the website of John Fitzgerald, Republican candidate for the 11th California Congressional district. At first glance, Mr. Fitzgerald seemed to be a solid populist…

Yad Vashem hosts a conference on “The Shoah and Jewish Identity”

Monday through Thursday this week Yad Vashem's International School for Holocaust Studies has been hosting a conference, attended by about 200 Jewish educators, titled: “The Shoah and Jewish Identity: Challenges in Jewish Education.” (J. Sharon, Jerusalem Post, 28 December 2016) The consensus is that the Holocaust is now an important part of the Jewish identity….

A Modest Proposal for Chancellor Merkel

Angela Merkel during the 51st Munich Security Conference 2015(photo by Marc Mueller; https://commons.wikimedia.org) Germany—or the German government and its taxpayers, anyway—is all things to all people, at least so far as money, weapons and even Lebensraum (living space) are concerned. While Germany was still digging itself out of its own rubble, in 1952, then-Chancellor Konrad…

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