This concentration camp was located in Alsace, a territory which for centuries has been fought over by Germany and France. It currently is a part of France but was briefly annexed by Germany during WWII. As such it is considered a camp on German soil. It is said to have had an experimental execution gas chamber.


Friend: Here we are in the middle of another holiday season. I have lots of good news about the Campus Internet Project, but there's something on my mind I want to clear. That's one thing holidays are for, to get your mind off what it's regularly on and on to something else. I have been…


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Henri Roques answers David Cole

Henri ROQUES 90, rue Moslard 92700 COLOMBES 12 February, 1995 FAX to Bradley SMITHC/o I.H.R. FOR PUBLICATION Dear Mr Smith, I read «Another David Cole Adventure in Europe» and also noticed your advertisement: “NEW. David Cole tells it all to you about his eventful October 1994 trip to Europe in search of the physical evidence…

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