Orthodox View

The perspective of the opponents of revisionism on the history and objectives of re-examining the Holocaust narrative.

Florent Brayard and the Liars

Florent Brayard, Comment l'idée vint à M. Rassinier. Naissance du révisionnisme. Préface by Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Paris, Fayard, 1996, 464 p., ISBN : 2-213-59507-0, 160 F ttc. Mr. Brayard is a lucky student. After his Master's degree dissertation at the University of Nancy II, he was awarded a prize at the School of Advanced Studies in…

The Bright Shinning Lie

STAFF WRITER A Holocaust denier who insists he is merely pursuing intellectual freedom found himself suddenly confronted by a Holocaust survivor in the audience of the Phil Donahue show last month. It happened as Bradley Smith was telling Donahue and his national television audience that it was a “lie that Germans cooked Jews to make…

The Spectre Haunting Holocaust Revisionism

A spectre is haunting the small but articulate holocaust revisionist movement in America: the spectre of Nazism! The simple fact is that a substantial percentage of holocaust revisionists—perhaps as much as 25%—are Hitler and Nazi apologists. This is not another ritual defamation from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith or the Simon Wiesenthal Center. It's…

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