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“Six million Jews died during the Holocaust.” Really? How do we know? What do the statistics tell us?

The Stupendous Failure of the Nazi Extermination Program

“The Nazis, for historical reasons, developed an ideology that led them, in 1941, to decide on the annihilation of every Jew, man, woman or child, they could lay their hands on.” This is a quotation from the “Conclusion” by Yehuda Bauer, summing up the anthology The Final Solution: Origins and Implementation (London 1994, p. 301)….

The Lie of the Six Million

Editor’s Remark: This article is reprinted here as a historical document of early Holocaust revisionism outside of occupied Germany. Inconvenient History does not claim that any of the statements made in it are correct (or incorrect, for that matter). Since none of the claims made are backed up with verifiable sources, this has to be…

“Magda Goebbels”… in the Yad Vashem Database

Abstract This paper demonstrates with an example that the number of Holocaust victims claimed to be in the victims’ database of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem cannot be trusted, because anyone can place any number of false entries into that database! In this case, the fictitious person with data related to famous National-Socialist…

The Number of Victims of Auschwitz

For the German original article, click here. In 1945 the Soviet investigative committee counted four million victims of the National Socialist labor and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau – a product of war propaganda. The commandant of the camp, Höß, spoke of three million victims under pressure and withdrew his statement. How many people indeed fell victim…

The Death Books of Auschwitz

An analysis of data from the Auschwitz Death Books published in 1995. The results support the revisionist thesis of the fate of the French Jews: They died primarily of the catastrophic hygienic conditions prevailing at Auschwitz, as reflected in the camp commandant’s reports intercepted by the British and sent by radio to Berlin. There is no evidence that inmates who were unable to work were sorted out for immediate killing, as many witnesses have claimed.

IBM and the “Holocaust”: Where’s the Beef?

One of the most popular and well-researched books ever written on the “Holocaust” is IBM and the Holocaust, by investigative journalist Edwin Black. This book asks whether IBM (International Business Machines) was knowingly involved in the so-called Holocaust. Black concludes that IBM was knowingly involved, stating that his book “tells the story of IBM’s conscious…

Richard Korherr and His Reports

INTRODUCTION I was twelve years old, when the 1956 Budapest uprising took place. In my native country of England, the newspapers gave the event massive coverage. That event had a considerable impact on my attitude to politics. I certainly became aware that Communism was an abnormal and detested political viewpoint. In 1958, when I was…

One Survivor, One Single Survivor!

Abstract Orthodox Holocaust scholars reject the revisionist claim that the so-called Aktion Reinhardt Camps were transit camps for Jewish deportees on their way to the East. They challenge revisionists to show them one Jew, one single Jew, who was deported through any of those camps and survived. This paper presents evidence of thousands of Jews…

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