Revisionism is not about Jews or the Jewish religion. It just happens to deal with an aspect of history in which Jews play a major role. Hence it is inevitable that Jewish topics are raised on occasion, and we aren’t going to avoid them here either.

Eternal Strangers

With the permission of Castle Hill, Inconvenient History prints in this issue, without further ado, the Part One of Thomas Dalton’s newest tome, Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages. The book can be purchased in print and eBook from Armreg Ltd at armreg.co.uk. For a more-detailed description, see the book…

Hitler on the Jews ∙ An Excerpt

With the permission of Castle Hill, Inconvenient History prints in this issue, without further ado, the first section of Thomas Dalton’s newest tome, Hitler on the Jews. It explains very well why this book exists – in fact, needs to exist. References in text and footnotes to literature point to the book’s bibliography, which is…

I falsi “falsi protocolli”

Da quando, nell’agosto 1920, il Times di Londra svelò che i “Protocolli dei Savi Anziani di Sion” sono tratti in buona misura dalla satira politica di Maurice Joly Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ou la politique de Machiavel au XIXe siècle,[1] essi si trasformarono da “prova” di una “cospirazione” mondiale ebraica, come fu…

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Hitler’s Motives

The Israeli anti-Palestinian propaganda-site MEMRI offers a redacted video of a presentation given by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmound Abbas, wherein he made some controversial points about history – points that are uncomfortable especially for Zionist Jews. This aired on Palestine TV on 3 September 2023 (according to MEMRI). Some of the points…

Jewish Involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution

The Bolshevik Revolution in the Soviet Union was not primarily a Russian Revolution. Instead, it was primarily led by a non-Russian, Jewish ethnic minority that hated Russians and the Czar for their alleged anti-Semitism.[1] This article documents some of the evidence indicating that Jews were the driving force behind Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution. Jewish…

The Jewish Conspiracy to Promote the “Holocaust”

I recently participated in a discussion thread to an article written by Thomas Dalton. A lady on this discussion thread asked me: “Is there a Jewish conspiratorial Holocaust hoax group. If there is one, I am not aware of one. Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Do you know anyone who has ever been in this group?” This article documents some of the numerous Jewish groups and individuals who have conspired to promote the official Holocaust story.

Why Hitler Put Jews in Camps and Ghettos

Many people question why Adolf Hitler put Jewish civilians into camps and ghettos during World War II. People often assign false reasons for why Jews were interned in these camps. This article demonstrates that Jews were interned in camps and ghettos during World War II because Jews were generally hostile toward Germany, and many Jewish partisans were actively killing German troops.

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