Palestine/Middle East

The slow genocide against the Palestinians and the Western World’s aggressive anti-Arabism (and anti-Islamism) are indirect consequences of Holocaust propaganda. Papers listed in this section deal with this entanglement of flawed historiography and skewed politics, leading to catastrophic results worldwide.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Hitler’s Motives

The Israeli anti-Palestinian propaganda-site MEMRI offers a redacted video of a presentation given by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmound Abbas, wherein he made some controversial points about history – points that are uncomfortable especially for Zionist Jews. This aired on Palestine TV on 3 September 2023 (according to MEMRI). Some of the points…

Israel’s Discriminatory History

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has been formed to peacefully put pressure on Israel to end its discriminatory practices against Palestinians. Various Zionist/Jewish groups have been established to oppose the BDS strategy. One such organization is The Academic Engagement Network (AEN), which states that it is an active organization of American college and…

How the Holocaust Claims Fresh Victims—Today

General Electric used to promote its consumer products[1] as “The Gift That Keeps on Giving.” In the present day, that historical confabulation packaged under the name of “The Holocaust” (capital letters, please) continues to take victims, even if it does not often, as alleged by the promoters of the traditional horror story, actually kill them….

CODOHWeb Helping to Set the Record Straight on Zionism, Israel and the Palestinians

As this issue of Smith's Report makes clear, the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is long on evidence of insults, atrocities, evictions and expulsions befalling the Jews of Europe 1933-1945, but embarrassingly short on hard evidence of their systematic extermination. There’s another paradox as well: while the Museum’s exhibits speak glowingly of the creation of…

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