Italy’s Parliament Approves Holocaust Denial Criminalization

Italy’s parliament has been discussing a bill to criminalize Holocaust denial for the past 10 years. Other laws are now in effect; public incitement to racial hatred and such things are penalized, but Holocaust denial was not criminalized like it is in 14 other countries in Europe until now.   Italian  Parliament The first step to pass…

Why the Holocaust Must Remain a Dogma

An Italian Voice for Freedom Now in its 17th year of publication, an impressive Italian journal, l’Uomo libero (“The Free Man”), has been a consistently intelligent and outspoken champion of free speech and intellectual inquiry, and a staunch defender of Europe’s cultural heritage. Editorial director is Mario Consoli, who is also a frequent contributor. The…

Wiesenthal Centre seeks Internet Censorship

December 7, 1995 Members of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre requested that Italian Prime Minister Lamberto Dini back their initiatives to ban “racists” and “extremists” from the Internet. Italy has been specifically targeted to support the Orwellian-ban because Italy takes over the European Union presidency on January 1, 1996. The Wiesenthal Centre would like the enforcement…

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