Ernst Zündel won another, big round against his persecutors in Canada on April 14. The misnamed Canadian Human Rights Tribunal agreed to adjourn indefinitely its hearings aimed at closing down the Zündel Website in the U.S. (actually controlled and operated by Dr. Ingrid Rimland) by holding Zündel responsible for its revisionist (“and thus anti-Semitic”) content….


John Bennett, founder and president of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, sends CODOH a warm hello from Down Under, where he has promoted revisionist scholarship and defended revisionist rights for more than twenty years. As Arthur Butz recently noted, “[Bennett’s] annual Your Rights booklet has made it the case that Australia is the only country…

Spanish Court Sentences ‘Thought Criminal’

A Spanish court has sentenced Pedro Varela, a Barcelona book dealer, to five years imprisonment for “incitement to racial hatred” and for “denying or justifying genocide.” The sentence, handed down on November 16, 1998, is Spain’s first conviction for “Holocaust denial.” It is based on the country’s 1995 anti-genocide and anti-discrimination law, which effectively creates…

Revisionist Publisher Varela arrested in Spain

“Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.”George Orwell Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. On Tuesday, April 11, 2006, revisionist publisher Pedro Varela was arrested at his Libreria Europa bookstore in the Catalan capital. He was charged with “defending and justifying genocide” by publishing books such as Joaquin Bochaca's Mito de los 6 miliones and, “putting in…

Police Raid Revisionist Bookstore in Spain

“Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.”George Orwell Spanish police raided a Barcelona bookstore and seized over 7,000 books. Some of the confiscated books questioned the traditional holocaust story while other are said to have espoused National Socialism. According to Spanish thoughtpolice, Pedro Varela, the store's owner, was arrested and later released on bail….

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