No. 14 (Mar./Apr.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 14 · · March/April 1993

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The Last Minute

The festivities opening the UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM are in full swing. This is the final great do-or-die extravaganza of the Holocaust Lobby in the United States. It’s leadership will continue to work like beavers, or mice if you will, in getting Holocaust “studies” into the public school system. And they will have many…

Auschwitz Museum Director Protests His Own Interview

Dr. Franciszek Piper has written the following letter to Target, a magazine published in New South Wales, Australia. If we’re tempted to poke fun at Dr. Piper’s English, we vow to stop and take a moment to reflect on how well we write Polish. Dr Franciszek PiperPanstwowe Muzeum32-603 OswiecimPoland The Magazine “On Target,” Australia In…

What I Believe, What I Don’t

I understand perfectly well that the Hitlerian regime was anti-Semitic and that it persecuted Jews and others. I understand that many peoples experienced unfathomable catastrophes in Europe during World War II. The catastrophe of the Jews was one among them. Nevertheless. I no longer believe that there was a plan to “exterminate” the Jews of…

Holocaust Lobby at University of Texas Reels under Multi-Pronged Revisionist Attack

As reported in the last issue of Smith’s, David Cole’s Open Letter to the Daily Texan was run as a half-page advertisement in that paper on Friday 19 February. The ad informed the reader about our video “David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper” and pointed out that the Texan , rather than allowing both sides…

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