No. 20 (Feb.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 20 · · February 1995

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What I Believe, What I Don’t, and Why

I understand perfectly well that the Hitlerian regime was antisemitic and persecuted Jews and others. I understand many peoples, European Jews among them, experienced unfathomable tragedies in Europe during World War II. Nevertheless, I no longer believe the German State pursued a plan to kill all Jews or used homicidal “gassing chambers” for the mass…

Revisionist Materials

The following advertisement of material CODOH used to distribute is no longer valid, since CODOH does not currently possess any of these materials. We post it here only because it was printed in a number of issues of Smith's Report, with slight variations. This one is from no. 20. Editor's remark. Smith's Report relates the…

Letters to the Editor

True and Important The “Holocaust” story is both true and important. However — The part that's true (Jewish suffering during WW II) isn't important (millions more suffered, many suffered more); The part that's important (mass genocide in “gas chambers”) isn't true. — H.N. (W. D.C.) Needed: More Libertarians I wish we could reach more libertarians…

Advertisements: Should I Run Them?

My friend Ernst Zuendel has asked me to run an ad in Smith's Report announcing “The REVISIONIST NETWORK,” together with a schedule of his radio and cable television programs that air across much of the United States. He wants to run the ad in all revisionist publications. He writes that Remarks and The Journal for…

Smith — in Russian?

There's no stopping me and CODOH. In issue 19 of SR I revealed to the public the newly formed, insidious and dangerous Zhirinovsky / Smith Axis. Z and I may well do what the might of the entire Nazi Empire failed to do — conquer Russia. The cat's out of the bag on this one…

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