No. 33 (June)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 33 · · June 1996

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  • The Flight of Abbé Pierre
  • CODOH campaign and Web site influence Holocaust debate
  • Irving's own latest word on Irving and Goebbels
  • Some interesting questions for Professor Elie Wiesel
  • Professor Arthur A. Butz establishes own Internet Web site
  • Revisionist voice to return to regional & national talk radio
  • Spiegelmaus
  • and more!

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Volunteer Help Wanted (Needed)

There was a time several years ago when I was a one-man band and managed the Project by myself. Over the last year it has simply outgrown that kind of management. The CODOH Web site is the most obvious example of the growth of the Project. If it were not for the volunteer work of…

Names: Do You Have Some that It Would be Good for Me to Have?

Nothing in this business is more important than names — names of individuals who are interested in revisionism and intellectual freedom. If you have the names and addresses of individuals you have reason to believe might want to know about Smith’s Report and read about the work we are doing, I would very much appreciate…

Some Interesting Questions for Professor Elie Wiesel

As is clear from David Irving's letter (above). Nobel peace laureate Elie Wiesel has resumed his attacks on revisionists (perhaps someone showed him a copy of Smith’s Report No. 31, which exposed his hypocrisy in pressing for the rehabilitation of the German Carl von Ossietzky while ignoring the current plight of Israeli Mordechai Vanunu). Careful…

CODOH Campaign and Web Site Influence Holocaust Debate

While Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust hasn’t shamed any New York publisher into bringing out David Irving's (de facto) banned Goebbels just yet, CODOH's ongoing campaign against the book's suppression has begun to bring results. The most visible among them, so far, has been an astonishing column in a national magazine advocating both…


Hardly a day goes by that I do not get a letter congratulating me, advising, criticizing, offering to help, questioning my good sense, pointing out the errors of fact in Smith's Report and the errors of judgement in my thinking. The great majority of the letters are simply to encourage me to continue with this…

The Flight of Abbé Pierre

The previous issue of Smith's Report (No. 32) described the furor in France surrounding ex-Communist theoretician Roger Garaudy's embrace of Holocaust Revisionism (in an article by Christiane Chombeau available in the original French on the International Page of CODOH's Web site), and the indictment of Garaudy and his publisher, Pierre Guillaume, under France's obscurantist law…

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