No. 41 (Mar.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 41 · · March 1997

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  • Volunteers are key in growing Campus Campaign. Ads for CODOHWeb shake ADL
  • Amnesty International tells CODOH that revisionists deserve prison
  • SR Worldscope on Revisionism and revisionists
  • The Holocaust Story in microcosm: Gene Siskel on Schindler's List
  • CODOH Explains the Web and Net to Non-Cyber-Revisionists by Richard Widmann
  • and more!

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Revisionism to the World!

This month the college students and professors who are accessing CODOHWeb thanks to the Campus Project (and to the exertions of concerned college instructors—see above) will find several articles that put the lie to some of the central claims of Schindler’s List. Michael Hoffman and Alan Critchley’s review “Schindler’s Mist: Spielberg’s Fraud in Schindler's List”…


Maggie Finch Your number 40 is positively uplifting! The new small ad is just wonderful. Brilliant! It is very exciting to me that I find you espousing just the things I do—and so beautifully, without a trace of bigotry. Your story about your childhood experience, the talk with your father about Pearl Harbor, brought tears…

Internet Roundup

On February 15, 1997 a private conference held on the Jersey shore drew a strong contingent of revisionist historians, scholars, writers and activists. It was my honor to address this important group on the past, present, and future of CODOHWeb. as well as on the value for revisionism of other facets of the Web and…

The Holocaust Story in Microcosm

A recent issue of TV Guide (Feb. 22, 1997) featured a review of Schindler’s List by well-known movie reviewer Gene Siskel. Siskel’s article, entitled “Schindler's List: Cut, but no Commercials,” is a fine example, on a small scale, of how the mystification surrounding the Holocaust story breeds confusion and self-delusion among adepts and amateurs alike….

SR Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists

Publication of David Irving’s Goebbels by Lyle Stuart’s Barricade Press set for August, according to the 10 February issue of Publisher’s Weekly, bible of the book industry. Despite Stuart’s record of publishing outre books (such as Dr. William Pierce’s sanguinary Turner Diaries), we’ll believe it when we see it. Latest from the Northwestern front: a…

Amnesty International Tells CODOH that Revisionists Deserve Prison

Few things have been more disappointing to libertarian-minded revisionists than the persistent silence of free-speech organizations in the face of the worldwide persecution of Holocaust revisionists for their historical opinions. The same groups which have made a cause celebre out of every small-town effort to refuse to carry the latest New York celebration of adolescent…


The third week in February when I returned from out of town I discovered a letter informing me that we were losing our Internet service provider. Unlike the fiasco of last summer, where our service provider turned against us for political reasons and broke its contract, this time it was a matter of market-place failure….

Volunteers Are Key in Growing Campus Campaign

Last month’s issue of Smith’s Report underlined the importance of CODOH's recent volunteers in carrying out the ongoing Campus Project: inserting small, simple, devilish ads that challenge the Thought Police and point university newspaper readers—virtually all of whom have easy access to the Internet—directly to CODOH’s revisionist Website, CODOHWeb, where they find a cornucopia of…

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