No. 61 (Jan.)

On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 61 · · January 1999

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I’m worried about Carlos Porter. I’ve been reviewing your coverage in Smith's Report (particularly your issue # 48) of his problems with the German government over his revisionist writings. Because Porter lives in Belgium, he apparently believes the German court cannot reach him. If Eichmann could be kidnapped by Israelis while living in Argentina, Porter…


Nobody can claim that Roger Garaudy’s trial and conviction for the crime of disputing France’s canonical version of the Holocaust has diminished the octogenarian French intellectual’s literary output. Since the July, 1998 trial he has published three books, the most interesting of which for revisionists is Le proces du sionisme israelien (The Trial of Israeli…


The Stanford Review is an independent conservative student newspaper. Its editor, Mike Toth, writes that there is little interest in the discussion of ideas among Stanford students. He ridicules the intellectual content of the Stanford Daily, the primary student newspaper at Stanford, by noting that the “big issue on campus now [at the Daily] is…

CODOH vs. the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

From its inception, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has been a target for Bradley Smith and CODOH. And even before it opened in 1993, the Museum’s spokespersons and allies were boosting the USHMM as the cure for Holocaust revisionism—and CODOH’s Campus Project. In May, 1992 the newsletter of the future USHMM quoted Professor Deborah Lipstadt…

CODOH Takes Aim at the Ivy League with a Blockbuster Debunking of the Holocaust Museum

A fake Hitler quote which has the Fuehrer ordering the extermination of Polish civilians. A non-existent Hitler order to exterminate the Jews. Misrepresentation of installations designed to save lives as gas chambers for killing Jews. These and many more falsifications of historical fact are on display at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s permanent exhibit as…

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