No. 6

The Journal of Historical Review - cover

Volume Thirteen · Number Six · November/December 1993

Between 1980 and 2002, The Journal of Historical Review was published by the Institute for Historical Review. It used to be the publishing flagship of the revisionist community, but it ceased to exist in 2002 for a number of reasons, mismanagement and lack of dedication being some of them. CODOH mirrors the old papers that were published in that journal.

Victory for Irving in Australia Free Speech Struggle

In an important victory for free speech and open debate on the Holocaust issue, Australia’s Federal Court on September 16 unanimously overturned an earlier decision by immigration authorities to reject the visa application of David Irving. Any decision about a visa application by Irving, the high court ruled, must now be reconsidered “by law.” There…

Smith Steps Up CODOH Ad Campaign

Bradley Smith, intrepid chairman of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), attracted nationwide notoriety in late 1991 and early 1992 as a result of his success in placing advertisements calling for open debate on the Holocaust issue in student newspapers at several major universities. After something of a lapse, Smith has recently…

Demjanjuk, Israel and The Holocaust

The Israeli Supreme Court has finally acquitted John Demjanjuk of the charge of being “Ivan the Terrible,” the Treblinka guard who is said to have killed and tortured countless Jews. The acquittal is also a vindication of Pat Buchanan, who led the calls for the old Ukrainian's release. It has become increasingly obvious that Demjanjuk…

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