Two Faces of Heroism: Wolfgang Fröhlich and Admiral Sir Tom Phillips

Ending a sad month for H&D, following the loss of our comrades John Bean and Ian Carser, we learned that the great Austrian revisionist – 70-year-old chemical engineer Wolfgang Fröhlich, who earlier this year was awarded the Robert Faurisson International Prize – has died. His longstanding comrade Franz Radl informs us: “As I was told he…

Samuel Crowell: In Memoriam!

I learned of the passing of Samuel Crowell as I have learned of the passing of several friends over the past year—via email. I had been away for the day but decided to check my messages prior to retiring for the evening. There were several stacked up regarding my late friend; the subject of the…

Ludwig Fanghänel, 8 October 1937 – 20 January 2017

My wife Olga and I learned with immense sadness that our dear friend Dr. Ludwig Fanghänel passed away on 20 January. To the revisionist community, Ludwig was known under his pen name Klaus Schwensen. He was the author of seven revisionist articles published in the English language at Inconvenient History: https://codoh.com/library/document/author/schwensen-klaus/ Of these articles, the…


Ernst Zündel won another, big round against his persecutors in Canada on April 14. The misnamed Canadian Human Rights Tribunal agreed to adjourn indefinitely its hearings aimed at closing down the Zündel Website in the U.S. (actually controlled and operated by Dr. Ingrid Rimland) by holding Zündel responsible for its revisionist (“and thus anti-Semitic”) content….

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