CODOH's Growing Role in Battle for Cyber High Ground May Soon Prove Pivotal

Published: 1998-06-01

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In Frankfurt am Main, Germany, authorities move to ban a German-language revisionist site on the World Wide Web that features many articles by such CODOH writers as Bradley Smith and Richard Widmann.

In London, England revisionist historian David Irving posts to his Website the first dispatch from the “liberated” Auschwitz—it appeared in Pravda in 1945—as translated and with commentary by CODOH-affiliated scholar Samuel Crowell.

In Toronto, Canada Ernst Zuendel battles an attempt by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to close down the “Zuendelsite” on the World Wide Web, despite the fact that it is owned and operated not by Zuendel in Canada, but by Ingrid Rimland in the United States. The Zuendelsite is not only linked, i.e. directly accessible over the Internet, to CODOHWeb, but CODOHWeb continues to “mirror,” or duplicate, the bulk of the contents of the Zuendelsite for readier access in places, such as Germany, where accessing the Zuendelsite is difficult or illegal.

In Australia, the Website of the revisionist Adelaide Institute, also linked to CODOHWeb, is embroiled in censorship proceedings brought, at the behest of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, before something called the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. Strange world—brave, new world—where muzzling those who attempt to discover the historical truth about the Holocaust story and expose the slander that so much of it is, is called “human rights”!

SR has reported often on the growing importance of the Internet, and in particular the World Wide Web, in the three years since CODOH launched CODOHWeb, its own site on the WWW. CODOHWeb, programmed by able and dedicated volunteers, offers literally hundreds of articles, indeed entire books, illustrated with graphics ranging from cartoons, logos and diagrams to photographs of historical evidence and original documents—accessible to anyone linked to the Internet anywhere on earth. SR has filled many columns with the specifics of the wealth of revisionist material available on CODOHWeb, and has frequently reported on the achievements by and the threats to individual revisionist Websites elsewhere

This update on CODOHWeb and Internet revisionism deals with how CODOH contributors are helping shape other revisionist Websites, and, more significantly, the potential importance of CODOHWeb at a time of growing threat to Internet freedom abroad.

The promise of the Internet, including above all the World Wide Web, which enables the display, the transmission, and the storage of large quantities of text and images, has been realized. The Web has become a prime medium for disseminating the evidence which illustrates the numerous historical fallacies and falsehoods that surround and support the Holocaust story. This is above all true in countries that couple the latest in technology with the primitive desire to censor and control free expression: Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and other outposts of up-to-date obscurantism. In these countries and others, several of which ban any spoken or printed challenge to the Holocaust outright, access to revisionist Websites via personal computer has been a godsend.

CODOH has played an important role in providing liberating perspectives on the Holocaust and the history of World War II to the people of Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and elsewhere not merely through the materials at CODOHWeb, but increasingly through articles by CODOH contributors posted to other revisionist sites.

Thus the Belgium-based, German-language revisionist Website VHO, which is steered by the extraordinarily capable and dedicated Germar Rudolf (the youthful German chemist exiled for embarrassing his superiors at the Max Planck Institute with the scientific facts about the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers), has translated Bradley Smith’s memorable dissection of the Holocaust “testimony” of Abe Bomba, the barber of Treblinka, into German to give young people in the Bundesrepublik a somewhat different perspective on the movie Shoah. Samuel Crowell’s brilliant essay “Technique and Operation of German Anti-Gas Shelters in World War II,” which pays moving tribute to the courage of ordinary Germans beneath the Allied aerial holocaust as well as making a brilliant theoretical breakthrough on the anti-gas chamber front, is there too, as well as articles and reviews by Richard Widmann.

An up-to-the-minute example of how CODOH is spreading the latest word in Holocaust-busting research to other leading revisionists is given by the teamwork of the able scholar Samuel Crowell and David Irving. Crowell unearthed, translated from the Russian, and supplied notes and commentary to the first account ever published by the “liberators” of Auschwitz: a Soviet journalist’s mendacious account of how the Nazi extermination “factory” really worked. Reading it makes plain why we hear so little about the liberation of Auschwitz: Pravda correspondent Boris Polevoi described a conveyor belt which dropped inmates into a flaming pit! Fans of David Irving will be pleased to know that the industrious author and tireless researcher has become increasingly proficient in the painstakingly acquired HTML coding language and was able, more or less unaided, to “translate” the Pravda article Crowell had translated from the Russian into the computerese necessary to post it to his Website.

More significant still, however, than CODOH’s participation by way of writing and research on allied revisionist sites is its potential function as a back-up to, and a fallback for, revisionist Websites abroad that fall victim to suppressive measures in countries that lack our First Amendment. As noted above, indexing measures have commenced in Germany against what is in effect a German-exile site based in Belgium, and thus vulnerable to pressure from the economic colossus of an ever-more unified Europe (who in Belgium would have the spine to deny the Bundesrepublik’s bureaucrats a Nazi hunt?).

In Canada, a multipronged legal offensive which has as its clearly visible object first silencing, then deporting Ernst Zuendel to a German prison, the elaborate kangaroo court that calls itself the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal first declared that the Southern California Zuendel computer Website was actually a Canadian “telephone” (thereby granting itself jurisdiction), and just as this issue of SR went to press solemnly pronounced that “truth” is no defense against the charge of spreading hate by speaking and writing truthfully, thereby debunking myths about the Holocaust story.

Whatever befalls the Zuendelsite (despite its American ownership, operation and base, the Canadian regime can of course hold Ernst hostage against it); whatever the outcome of the similar suit against the Adelaide Institute site in Australia; should the VHO be silenced and Radio Islam and the other overseas revisionist Websites go under, CODOHWeb is ready and able to carry on their work, thanks to our researchers, and our Webmaster David Thomas, our revisionist friends abroad, and the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. Now more than ever before, CODOHWeb is an arsenal of revisionist freedom and truth, here and around the world.

The Websites noted above have the following URLs:

Focal Point Publications (Irving site):;
Zuendelsite: [now; ed.];
Adelaide Institute:[now; ed.].

Or, all may be accessed directly through CODOHWeb:

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