David Irving´s Real History Conference Cincinnati 1999

Published: 2020-06-20

David Irving's Real History Conference highlights - Cincinnati 1999. Ten speakers (listed below) with multi-faceted presentations relating to the Second World War. Valuable overview of revisionists, and how they work to attack official lies.

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[1] David Irving (website fpp.co.uk) introduces Real History - What it is - Personal Account of the Idleness and Cowardice of Official Historians (12 mins). Lives of Hitler and Churchill, notes on fake documents in British archives (cf. Joseph Bellinger in this video), murder of Himmler are just a part of his oeuvre.

[2] Bradley Smith - Keynote Speech: Memory - Inviting Students to Ask Questions of 'Survivors' and 'Holocaust Authors' (10 mins) Bradley Smith - RIP 2106 discovered holes in the 'Holocaust' story in 1979, reading Robert Faurisson, and became an activist from age 50.

[3] Peter der Margaritas - What Rommel Did on D-Day - Reconstruction of One Day, and One Mistake (11 mins)

[4] Joseph Bellinger - The Death of Himmler - Reconstruction of Interrogation and Killing of Himmler (16 mins)

[5] John Sack - 'Eye for an Eye' - Hollywood Writer's In-Depth Investigation of German Prisoners in 1,255 Concentration Camps (9 mins). The 'eye for an eye' suggests revenge, a typical Jewish lie.

[6] Brian Renk - contra Christopher Browning - Account of Part of Critique of Browning's Testimony on Supposed 'Final Solutuion', Mass Deaths at Auschwitz, etc (10 mins)

[7] Doug Collins - The State of Freedom of Speech in Canada. Doug Collins, RIP, a lawyer from Canada, took part in the 1988 Trial of Ernst Zundel, the first trial in which 'Holocaust' evidence was challenged (15 mins)

[8] Russ Granata - Report from Carlo Mattogno, a Significant Revisionist from Italy (11 min)

[9] Germar Rudolf - The Making of a Revisionist - German Chemistry would-be PhD Who Investigated the Zyklon-B / Cyanide Story and Was Forced to Become a Full-Time Revisionist (9 mins)

[10] Charles Provan - Massacre at Dachau - Prosecutions in Concentration Camps during WW2, not of course filmed by Spielberg! - US Soldiers in Dachau at the Close of the War (14 mins)

Technical Notes: This is a smaller file conversion from the original. My VHS videotape had tracking problems, which I've covered up with the subtitles. Apologies for the interlace problem. All the cuts, editing, exactly as on the tape. The titles are slightly changed - to zoom in. First published by 'rerevisionist' on 12 Feb 2011. My website http://www.big-lies.org has more on David Irving. With permission of David Irving.

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