Georgetown University Gets $10 Million for Holocaust Study Center

Published: 2016-02-27

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According  to The Washington Post, Georgetown University, the private Catholic University in Washington, DC, has gotten a gift from a Jewish billionaire couple.

Georgetown University 

The gift to the Institution, from Miami philanthropists Norman and Irma Braman, is nothing less than $10 million mainly to do research on the Holocaust. Georgetown University, a Jesuit school, has a 41-year-old Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, and also a famous 23-year-old Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding together with an 11-year-old branch campus in the Middle East at Qatar.

After this generous gift, Georgetown University will turn what used to be the 13-year-old Jewish Studies Program at the School of Foreign Service into the Center for Jewish Civilization. $10 million does the job.

It is irresistible to ask oneself a few questions when reading this report from The Washington Post, for example, with this new creation of the Center for Jewish Civilization, President John J. DeGioia declares, “All I can say is, we strive for balance.”

Balance? I wonder what sort of balance one can expect that could be created with a Study Center dedicated to studying the Holocaust, in a prestigious university such as Georgetown University, where academics are supposed to research the Holocaust within the well known limits of what is permitted to say to comply with the orthodox Holocaust narrative, biased, kosher and highly manipulated by the one-sided historians and political interests that have manufactured what we know as The Holocaust.

Well, I don’t want to spoil their party, but there seems to be very little room for balance in all this. And no possibility to change that, either. The money to fund this “research” has not been given to grant voice to revisionist arguments, to maybe explore the controversies of Holocaust historiography. All to the contrary, it will serve to amplify the dominant mantra of suffering and victimization of Jews that characterizes the orthodox Holocaust narrative.

Nevertheless Georgetown University says that the Holocaust will be examined “in all its dimensions — its causes and consequences, its role in the establishment of the state of Israel, and its continuing impact on modern Judaism, which has been impacted by a rise in acts of anti-Semitism and questions of Israel’s legitimacy.”

I would really like know in a few years from now what new things academics can tell us  about the  “causes and consequences” of the Holocaust. We’ll see.

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