Hitler is Alive and Well -- And Learning Russian!

Published: 1996-03-21

Thu, Mar 21, 1996

Has anyone taken a look at what's going on in Russia today? The "Big Chunk" of the former Soviet Union is in a "Weimar-chaos": the ruble is worthless (over 5,000 rubles to $1), and the only place you can use it is the post office. Even the Russian airline, Aeroflot, demands that one pay for a ticket in Deutsche marks, Swiss francs, or other "real money."

The cry is for a "real leader," not dog-eat-dog capitalism or a returned to hated Communism. The system being praised is the Third Reich and kudos are being heaped on Adolf Hitler!

Mein Kampf is being sold all over, in finely printed linen-covered Russian language editions. (Try selling it in Germany, and you'll find youself in jail faster than you can say "Vidkun Quisling"!) Revisionism is taken for granted: that the concentration camps were modelled on Stalin's GULAG, but MORE HUMANE! That the Nazis believed the Jews had no place in Europe, which was for whites (Aryans) only, and after the cancer of Marxism was cut out, the Jews would be settled in their own national state (Madagascar was often proposed).

But what about Hitler's invasion? It was a pre-emptive strike: Stalin was planning to attack Germany, once the U.S. got involved in the war. (By 1941, Roosevelt's aggressions and intentions were so blatant — ordering the "neutral" U.S. Navy to attack German submarines, occupying Iceland, and openly lying to the American people about "fascist designs" on Latin America, waving a map forged by the Canadians for his infamous Navy Day speech — Stalin was sure Roosevelt would find a way to get the U.S. into the war, THEN the USSR would attack.)

If you point out Hitler's low opinion of the Slavs, this is sloughed off by saying that Hitler only knew the illiterate serfs, who had fled to Austria-Hungary when the young Hitler was himself nearly starving in Vienna before WWI. (In 1913, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Tito were all living in Vienna!): not unlike Anglos who stigmatize Mexicans as dumb and uneducated, because the only Mexicans they've ever seen are illegals who do the stoop-labor in harvesting carrots and such.

What seems to impress the Russians is Hitler's nationalism, his idea that private enterprise is to be encouraged, but not allowed to ride rough-shod over the workers (It was Hitler who made May-Day a paid holiday in Germany, set-up vacation programs for ordinary workers — the "Strength Through Joy" movement — forced industry to grant longer vaca- tions and Xmas bonuses, and set up the program whereby every German family would own a car: the famous Volkswagen!). This type of "stern paternalism" really appeals to the Russians. In the eyes of many, Hitler was what the Czar was supposed to be.

What about the Holocaust? I never met ONE Russian who believed a word of it. The origins of the Holocaust were Stalin's crimes, turned into wartime propaganda, like the Katyn massacre. Auschwitz and the like were copies of Stalin's slave-labor camps, and typhus was the cause of almost all deaths; typhus and the brutality of the "trustee" inmates, who were almost all German and Austrian communists--and extremely anti-Semitic.

I spent two months in Russia, Poland, and the Czech Republic last summer. This "love affair" with the Third Reich seems to be exclusively Russian. The most popular rock group in Russia is called Mein Kampf! and their big hit is "Death to the Sunefera!" The Sunefera are the non- Russian, usually dark-skinned, peoples of the old Soviet Union: Uzbeks & the like. The Russians, even those not admirers of the Third Reich, are VERY racist. I never met ONE who didn't refer to a black as a "Nigger," and they use the American epithet, written in Cyrillic, openly.

The prevailing attitude — mainly among younger Russians — is that each race has its place: blacks belong in Africa, Turkish peoples on the other side of the Caucus Mountains, Jews (now considered a seperate race if they practise their religion but ersatz-Russians if they remain agnostics or (better) become Christians. (The Russian Orthodox Church seems more a manifestation of nationalism than religious sincerity.) If a Jew sticks with the religion, he should go to Israel. That seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

Russia is NOT a pluralistic society: there seems to be confidence in democracy on the local level — the Swiss canton, the New England town meeting — but it is regarded as a fraud beyond that. "You can't vote for some- one you don't KNOW. Your American elections are battles between special interest groups, using 'paper dolls' as candidates. You bribe the voter with promises, like the Romans used coins, but you rarely keep your promises. What American has the courage to stand up to the Niggers? No Sunefera would be tolerated in Russia." (There are no blacks in Russia. There were some in Moscow during the old regime, but they've been chased out. At least I never saw one, and the open attitude made the KKK look like the NAACP!)

The orientation of this page is a Debate on the Holocaust. As stated, the Russians seem to be (what Deborah Lipstadt would call) Deniers, without exception. It seems strange the Soviet archives have not been published. If they were made public, the Holocaust tenets might go up in smoke. Are they being pressured to keep them closed? It's worth noting that the Russians admitted the Soviets (DON'T CALL A RUSSIAN A SOVIET!) massacred the Poles at Katyn, but the archives remain closed on the concentration camps. Why? Suffice it to say, when one recites the Wiesenthal Gospel to Russians, they just laugh out loud!

P.S.: An article by Zündel in the Sept/Oct 95 issue of the IHR's Journal echos this report. Zündel met with some high-ranking Russians, my contacts were mainly university students and such. Zündel's observations are consistent, but at a different level. The article is recommended. It's also interesting to recall that Oswald Spengler postulated the next great High Culture would arise in Russia, once it threw out Marxism and rose above the "tyranny of technology." My guess is the socio-economic aspects of the Third Reich ARE what Russia will revive. Adolf Gitler (there's no "H" in Russian) will cast a long shadow on the Motherland.

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