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Carlos Porter vs. The German Court
Published: 1997-11-01

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Readers of Smith’s Report should recall revisionist researcher Carlos Porter’s run-in with the German legal system last December (see SR40). Porter’s conviction was the result of having mailed copies of his revisionist classic, Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defense Case to hundreds of officials in Germany. Porter sent off the booklets with a cover letter which protested “the persecution of nationalist sympathizers and Holocaust revisionists in the Federal Republic of Germany, and Austria.”

For his protest of human rights abuses by Germany, Porter, a resident of Belgium, was fined 6,000 German marks and all copies of his book were ordered to be seized As 1997 began, Porter bravely fired off letters objecting to the “order of punishment” for his protest. Imagine the uproar in the world press if a Belgian protesting apartheid in the late ‘80’s had been similarly fined by the government of South Africa! In this case, however, we have a revisionist author protesting the denial of human rights to revisionists in today’s “democratic” Germany and Austria —to a virtual news blackout.

It was time for CODOH to spread the word of this incredible injustice. Utilizing CODOHWeb as our alternative news service, we began sharing the events in the Porter affair as they unfolded with readers around the globe. CODOH then established a new folder, “Carlos Porter vs. the German Court,” which now includes eight separate articles or documents that cover the entire Porter affair.

CODOHWeb also prominently features a link to the work which started Porter’s troubles, Not Guilty in Nuremberg. Not Guilty at Nuremberg is now available on CODOHWeb in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

As events unfolded in Belgium and Germany, CODOH Web remained the most insistent voice protesting the treatment of this revisionist scholar by the thought-controlled bureaucrats of today’s Germany. As the various subpoenas flowed from Germany, Porter continued to fire back objections, while CODOHWeb continued to beam his responses around the globe.

By May of 1997 it was clear that Porter was not going to Germany to stand trial, and the issue became whether he would be imprisoned in Belgium On August 22nd another subpoena arrived. By now the charges had grown to include: “incitement to hatred and violence against segments of the population.” Porter was ordered to appear in Germany for trial on October 10th. Interestingly, the subpoena stated: “At the hearing the evidence shown below will be presented” An examination of the document shows under the heading “List of Evidence” that both “Documents” and “Other evidence” were blank! An all-too ironic error? Perhaps.

The absurdity of the document and the fact that the German authorities had all but proclaimed that they had no evidence sparked Carlos Porter to make an outrageous reply to the German judge’s subpoena. His response is a masterful stroke of revisionist defiance. Porter writes: “If you really want to prove something, you can produce the following physical evidence from the official Nuremberg trial record, accompanied by proof of origin and authenticity thereof.” Porter goes on to list a couple dozen bizarre things which were actually introduced into evidence at the Nuremberg trials to prosecute German defendants.

Finally, Porter concludes his “response” by declaring, “I am not interested in the appeals procedures of a foreign totalitarian dictatorship. I refuse to appeal. I refuse to appear... The burden of proof is on you, not me.”

CODOHWeb will continue to beam the events of this incredible case around the world. Porter’s revisionist defiance must become known, the media blackout must be broken, for Porter’s plight at the hands of a foreign tyranny disguised as a “democracy” epitomizes the revisionist battle for intellectual freedom worldwide.

Carlos Porter replies to the German Court

Spa, 5 November 1997
Richter Kunert
Landgericht Muenchen I, Justizgebaeude
Nymphenburger Strasse 16
D-80335 Muenchen

Judge Kunert!

May it please the Court:

I was unable to appear for trial on October 10th 1997 due to severe cranial injuries and concussion sustained while experimenting with the pedal-driven brain-bashing machine used in the murder of 840,000 Russian prisoners of war at Sachsenhausen prison camp, as described in the Nuremberg Trial transcript (IMT VII 376-377 [416-417 of the German transcript]).

We know that the “pedal-driven brain-bashing machines” existed, because they are described in the “confessions” of SS man Paul Waldmann (Document USSR 52).

The document is a type-set “War Crimes Report” written by the Soviets. The “confession” is type-set in Russian, with a type-set “signature” by Paul Waldmann, also in Russian.

We know that the “confession” was voluntarily given, because it says so. We know that the document is authentic, because it is “certified” by the Russians as a “certified true copy”.

My [own] injuries are attested to by a “doctor’s certificate” re-typed by myself. The signature is typewritten because it is a “certified true copy”, certified by myself.

If this kind of thing is good enough for the Nuremberg tribunal, then it is good enough for you.

Please notify me of my next trial date. ...”


Carlos Porter

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