Published: 1996-09-01

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Arthur Butz Having almost recovered from returning from vacation, I was able to read SR 34. The account (p. 4) of the ad in the FAZ, May 17, is erroneous. The ad is very generally worded and many readers would have no idea who or what is involved. There was no specific reference to revisionist laws, to the Holocaust, or to Prime Minister Major of GB.

(Smith’s Report's unwarranted exaggeration of civic courage in today’s Germany was based on inferences from a somewhat erroneous—not to put to fine an edge on it— second-hand report. To readers, our apologies—and our thanks to Professor Butz for his “revision.”

Paul Grubach My challenge to Willis Carto still stands.

(Willis Carto is still trying to pin his having been fired from IHR on Andrew Allen, who supposedly is connected with the CIA, the Mossad, the ADL and who knows who else.)

I defy him to provide me with material proof that Andy Allen is an ADL agent. I want proof of the same quality that showed Roy Bullock was an ADL operative, i.e., a canceled check from the ADL to Allen, an internal ADL memo stating that Allen is an agent, a picture of Allen meeting with ADL functionaries, a tape recording between Allen and his ADL handler explicitly stating the “fact” that Allen is an agent, etc.

You may point out to your readers that I was on the masthead of Spotlight wrote a booklet defending Carto's Liberty Lobby, and Carto admits in his letter (enclosed) that I knew him better than Faurisson, Butz and Irving.

In this two-page, single-spaced letter written to Grubach and dated August 10, 1994, Carto responds to Grubach’s charge that he is a “bar” with regard to his charges against Allen, signs it, and then as an afterthought he appends a Postscript: “P. S. I should have mentioned that I have solid intelligence information that Allen is an agent. This comes from a source I know to have been completely accurate in the past. I know some details about his activities. Of course I will not divulge this source to you.”)

And that’s how Carto “proves” his charges against others. It reminds me of the old Soviet KGB witticism: “Give us a man and we’ll give you a case.”

Helmut Becker (e-mail) Thank God there are people like those at CODOH. Future generations will learn about your brave deeds to inform the unsuspecting public about the real historical facts.

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